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Monday, May 16, 2011

Columbus Craftacular!

Last weekend I went to the Etsy Team Columbus Eco-Chic Craftacular to support my friend Patti and her booth, to shop for birthday gifts, and since I was in the company of a bunch of creative, green types (my peeps!) break in my new reusable Glass Dharma straw.

 Hoo boy! I look like a shaggy dog.*cringe* I need to get a hair cut!

Everyone loved the glass straw and asked me all about it. It was refreshing to hang around a bunch of people who think such things are cool and not weird. Everyone I talked to wanted to know where they could buy one. You can buy reusable glass drinking straws here

My first stop at Urban Handmade  set the tone for the day.

 Free snacks with attitude! (and 100% recycled paper cards)

Then it was on to Gardenia’s Garb to say hi to Patti. She makes historical clothes, patchwork hats, and sewing clutches.

Portable Sewing Clutch

She shared a space with Blake’s hand carved Welsh love spoons. They make excellent wedding presents.

 Welsh Love Spoons

I am in awe of this woman's patience and skill. Just look at that detail!

 The itty bit of Scottish in me picked the thistle as my favorite.

Vivisect Apparel is one of Husband and my favorite vendors. She designs and prints organic and US-made cotton shirts. I like that her designs are not the typical green messages you find on organic and Columbus apparel. Vivisect is the stuff I'd wear out and about. The other stuff? Only to yoga class (if I DID yoga) or schlepping around the house.

Hey family - if you want an idea what I'd like for my birthday, 
this shirt is a good place to start. HINT!

At first glance, this shirt looks like an industrialish diagram. If you look a little closer, you see it’s the longitude and latitude of Columbus, Ohio.

You are here.

 Vintage cat eye glasses? Oh yes please!


I was drawn to this booth like a moth to a flame. If you know her name please let me know so I can credit her.  Unfortunately, I don’t have her card and her shop name isn’t on my receipt.

Yes, I have a receipt.

No, I didn’t buy it as a gift for someone.

Yes, I bought it for me.

I HAD to! Lookit.


 These owlish cat eye frames are stunners! My friends agree they are completely me. My sweetie-darling had to come home with me where they will be loved and appreciated and worn in public as soon as I have lenses put in them.

Hedy Regal Designs makes watch face rings that remind me of my paternal grandfather. His hobby was restoring old clocks.

I can’t decide which type I like best. The clock face or the 
exposed gears – which type do you like?

Space Dog Studios rescues damaged vintage linens and repurposes them into journal covers.

Quackidy, quack, quack! (I quack myself up.)

I found another of my favorite vendors, Honey Run Farm! Husband and I discovered them last year at the North Market Ohio Food and Wine Festival.

Honey products, handmade soaps (my kryptonite!) and lots and lots of herbs!

You call them herbs. I call them edible landscaping.

Before I left I figured I should have lunch. A Rad Dog meatless dog with sauerkraut and onions did the job nicely.

I didn't miss the taste of meat at all in this veggie dog

An organic red velvet cupcake from Sugar, Inc. for dessert? Well, sure I can do that too.

Eating local and organic is tough, but I persevere. 

 All in the name of helping the local economy, of course.


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Jenn said...

Sounds like fun, wish we had something like that in my area!

Mary said...

Very nice craft wares! I love your cat eye glasses - and those cupcakes!

Robj98168 said...

Looks like a good time.But... there ain't no hot on that dog. That's like a tubeless tubesteak ;P

Jayne Barnes said...

Thanks for the shout-out!
Jayne from Honeyrun

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