Condo Blues: Remake a Coir Doormat with Paint

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Remake a Coir Doormat with Paint

When the going gets tough, I need a project. It has to be something quick, relatively cheap, and oh if it could be green, that would be the triptych of yippie!

I stubbed my toe on my next spruce up. Once upon a time, this 100% coir doormat from World Market said, “Welcome.”

Now it says, “Don’t bother.”
I flipped through my Pinterest boards for inspiration. If you aren’t sure what Pinterest is, it is another time suck place where you can create virtual pin boards of ideas. You can click here to follow me on Pinterest. If you  are on Pinterest let me know and I’ll follow you!

If you want to be on Pinterest email me at condoblues (AT) gmail [dot] com and I’ll send you an invitation. You have to get an invite to join. Sorta like an exclusive club but not really because if I can get in, well, it’s not all that exclusive and fancy like, ya dig?

Seriously let me know if you want in and I’ll hook you up. It’s cool.

Soooooz, I drew my doormat design from Annabellea Design Studio’s painted canvas project. Here’s her original project.

 Photo courtesy of Annabellea Design Studio

I taped a similar design on my doormat with painter’s tape.

 Tape time!

I grabbed a can of Rustoleum Lagoon left over from making tepee garden trellises and gave the doormat a couple of coats.

I removed the tape. A few spots are darker because those parts of the doormat were less faded to begin with but overall I have a prettier coir doormat

 Much better!

I put the new to me doormat on the porch and thought the front door could use a little love too. Don’t you love how quick little project snowball into more projects?

I had a twig wreath in the garage.The flowers I decorated it with from a bridesmaids bouquet were faded with time. I like the wreath but the flowers are beyond help.

I made a simple bow from fabric leftover from my porch chair revamp and wired it to the twig wreath. That way I can easily switch out the decorations on the twig wreath with the seasons (in theory.)

 Happy colors!
My porch is starting to look decorated instead of like a pass through.


Come back soon for more of my Power of Paint Porch Remodel!

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