Condo Blues: Make Pumpkins out of Trash!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Make Pumpkins out of Trash!

When life gives Scott Stoll trash, he recycles it – into amazing Halloween pumpkin and monster decorations! Can you believe Scott makes all of these creative creations from paper mache?!

Photo courtesy of Stolloween 


Photo courtesy of Stolloween 

 Photo courtesy of Stolloween

I’m amazed at how Scott takes cast off newspaper, cardboard and cereal boxes from this...

 Photo courtesy of Stolloween this!

Scott doesn’t limit himself to paper mache pumpkins. He makes a slew of creepy creatures that go bump in the night. My favorite is his four-foot troll Boris the Bolter. Scott created Boris for a local celebration.

Anyone who complains that Halloween is a holiday that is nothing but cheesy cheap throwaway plastic gewgaws needs a dose of creativity and find the work of a creative genius like Scott!

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