Condo Blues: More Martha Stewart Christmas Paint Crafts Than I Can Count!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

More Martha Stewart Christmas Paint Crafts Than I Can Count!

Hello friends! Have I got a treat for you!

Are you ready for a little holiday craft eye candy? Eye candy is the best type of candy, because it's nonfatting and won't rot your teeth. 

Santa (in the form of the UPS driver) delivered a slew of Martha Stewart craft paint, stencils, and supplies to  a bunch of my crafty and DIY bloggy friends too! I used my supplies to make a stenciled snowflake bottlecap bracelet. 


We've been Facebooking, Tweeting, Pinning, and sharing our crafty holiday projects amongst ourselves. Then Rhonda, one of the gals at Dollar Store Crafts gets smart and generous and creates a linky of our projects so we can share them with you!

Tuck in with a nice cup of green tea or your beverage of choice and take a gander at the variety and scope of projects my fellow bloggers made with the same basic box of Martha Stewart paints, stencils, and tools. It's amazing!

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