Condo Blues: I’m in a Magazine AND a Book!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I’m in a Magazine AND a Book!

I had to sit on this exciting news for way too long! The projects are out and I encourage you to run to your nearest bookstore…

…and turn the pages until you find your favorite green DIY blogger featured in This Old House Magazine!

 Thank yous to Merrypad for the photo and letting me know my magazine is out.

Just like last year, I have a project in This Old House’s Cheapskate Hall of Fame feature. Last year This Old House featured my chalkboard paintkitchen back splash. This year they featured my sourcing savvy and how I landscaped and made over my front porch and yard for $162.00 instead of the estimated $2,000.00 price tag 

Sadly, This Old House doesn’t have a photo of my completed project. You can look at the garden and porch reveal here

My house is a very, very, very fine house. And now it is famous!

Husband was jazzed about the photo This Old House ran of me. “Is that Mommy’s Little Helper?” he asked as he pointed to the drill in my hand. I told him it was a reasonable facsimile of Mommy’s Little Helper. I used a photo taken during my trip to the Craftsman Experience last summer.  I chose it because hole saws make me look like a power tool wielding bad a$$ instead of the real life self - a dork with a drill and a drawer full of band aids.

Husband says women with power tools are sexy. It that's all it takes...I'm in.

Now, before you pay for your copy of the July 2012 issue of This Old House magazine, you should take a little walk around the bookstore… 

…and read the book until you find a plastic free tip from your favorite green DIY blogger!

If you follow me @condoblues on Twitter and @condoblues on Instagram you may have already seen this photo

I am so excited for Beth that her book is published! We've been blog buddies for um, ever.

Lisa from Condo Blues, Anna from GreenTalk, Miceala from Mindful Momma,Sommer from Green and Clean Mom, Amy from Crunchy Domestic Goddess, and Beth of Fake Plastic Fish.
Photo courtesy of Crunchy Domestic Godddess.

I’m in the processed of finishing Plastic Free. I’ll do a real book review post of Plastic Free next week. Stay tuned!

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Mary said...

Yay, Lisa. I'm so pleased for you! That really was an awesome front porch and yard makeover you did last year. I'm looking forward to your review on Beth Terry's book - it looks like something I'd like to read.

Anonymous said...

Sue Clarke

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