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Monday, November 26, 2012

Build a Beer Advent Calender

It's time Christmas countdown calendar time! Whoo hoo!

Advent Calendars are a very Danish way to celebrate Christmas.

I never had one.

Clearly, I was horribly mistreated as a child. This has nothing to do with my parents didn't want two kids fighting over one daily calendar prize which we probably didn't need since Christmas was coming or extra treats that could negate the use of the most magical parental phrase to get two little girls to behave instantly, "Santa is watching."

Nope. It was out of pure parental meanness. I tell ya.

Now that I'm all grown up (stop laughing. It's true.) I guess I could get my own Advent calendar and countdown Christmas any. way. I. want.

I choose this.


Neener. Neener.

Check how they built it. I embedded the video for you below.


I'd load it up with local craft beer because that's how Husband and I roll.

Build a Christmas Countdown Calendar for Adults

If you want to build your own beer advent calendar Rockwell tools sent me the plans.

Click the image for a larger photo

Actually, I might make one as a display piece for our favorite store. One of the reasons Husband and I don't brew our own beer (besides having a ton of beer around the house when we are more sipping to enjoy the taste kind of folks) is popping into Palmer's and talking nuts and bolts about the breweries, seasonal offerings, ingredients, and tasting notes with the buyer. Yeah, we're craft beer geeks. Everyone needs a hobby.

Not to mention we have to visit the cutest store security system ever - Pinky!

The store doesn't sell food which means Pinky is able to work there 
and not violate any health code laws.

Tools, craft beers, and dogs. Yep, that's me. Welcome to my world.

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Disclaimer: Rockwell and Palmers didn't give me money or stuff to mention them in this post. Sometimes Pinky leaves dog hair on my clothes though. How do I report that FTC?


Sue said...

Hey, stopping by from Thursdays Favorite Things. You are kinda fun. I enjoy seeing and appreciate the Adult Advent Calender! Us Adults need more things like this.

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

We certainly do.

Katherines Corner said...

grown ups need advent calenders too! thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop.xo

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