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Friday, May 31, 2013

2 DIY No Slip Rugs

Lacey’s decorating again. She doesn’t like my layout of the cotton rugs in the Master bath and puts her own spin on things.

Well, not exactly spin. It is more like a frantic running and sliding the rugs around so she can bark at her reflection in the bathroom mirror kind of thing.

Don’t tell Lisa but it really is a cotton rug slides on the slick floor and it is like surfing kind of thing. We worked on the dog in the mirror thing. I know it is me and I am a pretty, pretty girl!

I need a no slip rug option. It is a miracle I haven’t tripped on the bunched up rugs or slid and fallen flat on my butt while shambling in and out of the shower.  I have nightmares about trying to convince an ER doctor that no, really, I wasn’t beaten by ninjas or anything nefarious, I slipped and fell over a rug and to please leave one hand free in my body cast so I can pet my dog thank you.

I have two bathrooms. I tested two ways to make a no slip rug or bath mat. Both methods and rugs work equally well.

How to Make a Long Rug or Bath Mat

The Master bath is a long room. One regular size bath mat doesn’t really work. Custom rugs were crazy money for this room, especially when I really haven’t done anything to it beyond painting the walls.
I made the long rugs I need for this room by hand sewing two sets of cotton bathmats together.

How to make a simple custom size bath mat

I had to make a repair on the original rug DIY because the thread broke when I washed the rugs in the washing machine. That will teach me to not use heavy duty thread!

This time around I sewed the bath mats together with embroidery floss. Now they stay together like peas and carrots in the washing machine.

How to Make a Nonslip Rug with Caulk

“I can’t imagine a day goes by without you having a tube of caulk in your garage,” was my sister’s reply when I told her about this project.

It’s like she knows me or something.


I cut the tip off a new tube of caulk and poked the seal inside with the poker thing on the caulk gun. You can also use a long nail if your caulk gun doesn’t have a poker thing to break the seal. If you don’t break the membrane inside the tube, caulk will explode out the back of tube. Guess how I know?

I used the caulk gun to apply caulk to back of the rug.  I made lines of caulk on one rug and dots of caulk on the other. Both caulk patterns work equally well but the lines of caulk come off more easily in the washer than the dots. The dots stayed put in the washer and the dryer. If I do this type of project again, I’m going with dots of caulk/hot glue.

How to make a no slip rug or bath mat with silicone caulk

How to Make a Nonslip Rug with Hot Glue

My sister gave me the hot glue tip when I told her I used the last of my caulk on the Master bathroom rug.
I plugged in my hot glue gun and applied dots of hot glue to the back of the guest bath mat.

How to make a no slip rug or bathmat with hot glue

The hot glue bath mat doesn’t slip although I think the caulk works a little better but not by much. The hot glue took less time to dry than the caulk – no surprise there – but it also came off more easily in the washer when I washed the rug. 

No worries because I always have hot glue sticks on hand, but as a precaution, I wash the DIY no slip rugs in a separate load in the washer and dryer.

What does Lacey think?

I think my surf Ohio days are over. Time to come up with a new hobby!

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