Condo Blues: I Got My Groove Back at BlogHer13

Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Got My Groove Back at BlogHer13

I spent last weekend at the Big Dance of female blogging conferences – BlogHer. While last year at BlogHer was good, I was determined to make this year even better because I am not grieving this year.

My goals were to learn from my fellow bloggers, network with brands to find ways to thank you for being The Best Community on the Internet, and take advantage of some the pampering and such to help me get my groove back as part of Project Me.

Kelli Edwards from HGTV and I at the La-Z-Boy party, Miss Lori and I living it up at the SocialLuxe Lounge, Kim Moldofsky The Maker Mom and I in my favorite learning space – the hotel lobby. The fabulous Amy from Mod Podge Rocks and I meet in real life! Tamara Rubin of MisLead tests my wedding ring for lead and heavy metals at the Healthy Child Healthy World party, Leah Segedie of Mamavation demonstrates the benefits of healthy diet and exercise by lifting Ted Rubin of Collective Bias

Oh, and the goal of not puking in the Expo Hall because I over lactosed myself again. That one is important.

I’m happy to say I met all of my goals (especially the not barfing one.) Yay me!

If you want to serious side to my BlogHer experience, jump on over to Lazy Budget Chef where I wrote about 11 Brands That Got It Right at Blogher13. It’s OK. I’ll wait.

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While you are doing that, I’ll send a quick app test to Husband from the SocialLuxe Lounge. 

Hi, you’re back!

As you can see in the photo above, I went to a few unofficial parties before BlogHer started. I started the evening at the SocialLuxe Lounge until it was time to meet my fellow green bloggers at the Healthy Child, Healthy World  event. I stumbled upon the most carbon neutral way to get there and saved my wee feet for the walking that was yet to come. I went to the party by pedicab!

With the wind in my hair and a seat to myself I felt like a royalty for 15 minutes.
 Eat your heart out Andy Warhol! 

I met up with my roommate Tamara for organic cocktails and conversation. Then we got all wild and crazy and tested my wedding ring for lead and toxic heavy metals with her XRF gun.

My ring passed.

It is reassuring to know Husband is not trying to kill me via my wedding ring.

I finished the evening at the Navy Pier. I learned about a new social media site called Yappem while eating freshly made salted caramel cotton candy and drinking ginger water that I absolutely MUST try to replicate on Lazy Budget Chef. I embedded Yappem’s party video below. Keep your eyes peeled at the 2:36 mark for a familiar face!

Yappem makes me sound more important than I really am.

Sadly I did not win the Yappem raffle for the Manalo Balianks or Christian Loubaton shoes. However, on the very next day I got to play with a chainsaw at the Ryobi booth that made me just as happy!


Well, almost. They were very nice shoes…

I visited the sponsors that fit my blogs in the Expo Hall and tried some of that “branding” stuff I learned about. I started off with sharing fashion tips with one the La-Z-Boy guys.

Yep, his suit is made from upholstery fabric. 

I also took interviews for staff to keep the Condo Blues/Lazy Budget Chef Headquarters and Thunder Dome running like the not very well oiled machine it is.

I love the minions! They look like Twinkies with eyes.

 Followed by more “branding” exercises. 

And possibly networking with a 10 am Daily's margarita in hand. 

Because being a food blogger is hard work.

I’ll teach you how I dyed my shirt with turmeric in a later post on Lazy Budget Chef

That evening, I met 50 green bloggers and sustainable brands at the ECOFAB50 party. This was an unofficial event but it was one of my favorites because I met a new group of like-minded women and was given a generous sampling from the party sponsors I can't wait to test.

 Photo courtesy of Mindfully Frugal Mom  because I forgot to take a picture before I gave all of my baby items to a soon to be new mom. You’d be surprised how many people call me and ask me for advice on non-toxic baby stuff. 

I met the final goal of taking advantage of some pampering at the private La-Z-Boy party the last evening. I sat in a plush chair and treated myself to a manicure. I was surprised to find it was a La-Z-Boy chair that doesn’t look like the typical Giant Chair Recliner I hate. In fact, the chair was an upholstered version of the chair they convinced me to try in the Expo Hall.

Add Lacey and a laptop and it is the perfect blogger’s office. 

I met Kelli Edwards and then I MADE THIS HAPPEN!

 I am the master of networking

Because my brand is taking crazy pictures and posting them on Internet.

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