Condo Blues: How to Make a Ho Ho Ho Christmas House Flag

Sunday, December 8, 2013

How to Make a Ho Ho Ho Christmas House Flag

 I like to hang a flag as part of my outdoor Christmas d├ęcor because it helps my guests identify my house in a neighborhood where most of the houses look a like.

I usually go with flying the Dannenberg at Christmas per Danish tradition. Unfortunately, my Danish flag has flown more than its share of holidays and birthdays (another Danish tradition) and needs to be replaced.
Lacey’s first Christmas with us is the perfect time to start a new Christmas flag tradition.

I didn’t say it was a good tradition, just a  new and funny one.

I used fabric I had on hand to replace my nylon flag with a cloth homemade Christmas flag.  I used a little bit of mathematical/scientific/geek shorthand to make Ho cubed because I didn’t have room for Ho, Ho, Ho.

Husband didn’t buy that excuse either.

Then we had a comic in depth discussion on the correct way to Ho, Ho, Ho. I say it should be mathematical, Ho cubed. Husband argued it should be scientific notation H three O three.

How to Make a Geek Christmas Flag


You will need:
2 pieces of red fabric 26 inches wide by 38 inches long
white fabric
straight pins
coordinating thread
sewing machine
ironing board
green outdoor craft paint
paint brush
a sense of humor

Make it:
1. Use the pencil to draw a pattern for the letters “H”, “o”, and the number three. Cut the pattern pieces from the newspaper with the scissors.

2. Pin the pattern pieces to the white fabric and cut one “Ho3” for each side of the flag.

Optional: Use your bemused doggie as a pattern weight.

3. Pin one set of letters and numbers to each piece of red fabric making sure you leave at least a two inch seam allowance between the design and the sides of the flag.


3. Use the sewing machine to sew the letters and number to each side of the flag. I used a simple straight stitch but if you would like to use an applique stitch that works too. Go crazy, have a ball.


4. Iron each side of the flag and applique if needed.

5. Outline each letter and number with a paint brush and green craft paint. This will make the design stand out from the background. The paint will keep the edges of the white fabric from fraying if you did not fold the edges of the applique in on themselves.

I went with a freehand and deliberately not perfectly painted lines for my outline but you can do what you like. Tip: You can use a lint roller to remove stray threads and fabric from the flag before you hang it up.

6. When the craft paint is dry, pin each side of the flag right sides together (the pretty design part.) Leave a two inch gap in the top right and left sides of the flag to make the flagpole pocket and another gap in the bottom seam. You will use the gap in the bottom seam to turn the flag right side out.

7. Sew the flag together following the handy dandy diagram below.


8. Turn the flag right side out through the gap in the bottom seam.

9. Fold the edges of the gap in the bottom seam inward and use the straight pins to pin the gap closed.

10. Use the sewing machine and coordinated thread to top stitch around the top, bottom, and sides (minus the flag pole pocket) to sew the bottom gap shut and give the flag a more professional appearance.


11. Press the flag with an iron to remove the wrinkles if needed.

12. Run the flag pole through the flag pole pocket.


13. Hang your Ho, Ho, Ho house flag!


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