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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How to Paint a Wavy Side Table

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I needed  to repaint the side tables on my porch. I didn't want to paint them a solid color (again) and call it a day. I wanted to jazz them up with some decorative painting.

how to paint a wavy side table with Shap Tape

Of course, I had my traditional decorative painting moment of panic. Freehand is out. I don't have a good track record when it comes to stenciling. However, I got good results in the past using FrogTape's Shape Tape to paint a crisp Scallop wall border in my craft room. I figure I should stick with what works and use Shape Tape™ to add interest to my sad little side tables.

wave and chevron Shape Tape
Shape Tape™ is Frog Tape® brand's first edge treated painter's tape with pre-cut patterns: Wave, Chevron, and Scallop. I chose to use Wave for my table

Let's give these worn out tables a little DIY love!

Shape Tape table BEFORE

You will need: 

FrogTape's Shape Tape - Wave
Dark green outdoor paint
Citrus Green outdoor paint
Paint brush

Make it:

1. Use the sandpaper to rough up the finish on the side tables. The goal is to rough up and remove the glossy paint finish on the table top so the new paint will adhere. The goal is not to sand off all of the paint and start new.

2. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the table top from the table base. This will make the table top easier to paint.

3. Paint the top of the table Dark green and allow it to dry. This will be your background color. I painted two coats of green.

4. Use the scissors to cut the Wave Shape Tape™ to size. Shape Tape™ makes it easy for you by printing tick marks on the tape that allows you to line up the design and make a series of waves. Burnish the edges of the Shape Tape™ with a squeegeee or in my case, a used gift card standing in for a squeegee.

apply Shape Tape to table top
FrogTape's Shape Tape has a split liner on the back of the tape to make it easier to line up and apply in a straight line. You peel off one side the liner and adjust and stick the tape. Once you are happy with the alignment, remove the other part of the liner, stick your tape, and you are ready to paint.

5.   Paint the area in between the strips of FrogTape's Shape Tape Citrus Green. I needed three coats of paint because I painted a light color over a dark color.

6. Remove the Shape Tape™ while the last coat of last is still wet.

Optional: Get giddy when you see those crisp, clean, Frog Tape® paint lines!

remove Shape Tape
 Shape Tape™ is made with ​PaintBlock® Technology, an obsorbant polymer that bonds with the water in latex paint to create a barrier and prevent paint bleed through. PaintBlock® Technology is the key to my project's success. 

7. When the paint througly dries, pop your tables on the porch, and catch a wave!

Shape Tape™ is available at participating Lowes and Wal Mart locations and all Menards stores across the United States. Visit FrogTape's Shape Tape for more information.

Need more Shape Tape™ project inspiration? You are in luck! Frog Tape® the maker's of Shape Tape™ are on Pinterest and Twitter @FrogTape.

Make sure you:

What projects would you make with Shape Tape™?

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