Condo Blues: How to Hide an Emergency Tool Box in Your Hair

Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to Hide an Emergency Tool Box in Your Hair

Husband saw personalized Swiss Army type knives in a shop when we were on vacation one year. In a rare impulse buy we ended up with His and Hers Swiss Army knives. Husband got silly giddy and said I HAD to have the knife with Handyman engraved on it. Husband bought a matching one with his name on it to replace the knife he lost. 

We changed Handyman to Handyma’am with my wood burning tool when we got home.

Husband uses the screwdriver on his Swiss Army knife all the time so yeah, of course, I’m all for him getting a replacement.

Me? I didn’t think I’d use it but if at all but if all it takes to make Husband happy is to carry a Handyma’am Swiss Army knife in the bottom of my purse I get off easy don’t I?

Thing is, the guy knows how handy those little emergency tool kit knives are. He was right and I was wrong. Those little tools have gotten me out of a jam time and time again. For example, if you follow @condoblues on Instagram (click and follow pretty please?) you might have already seen this Doomsday scenario the corkscrew on my Swiss Army knife helped my sister and I avoid on a Saturday night.

My sister and I are best friends but can’t get together as often as we like. We spent the best night of last summer testing my birthday gift to her of a case of wine glasses (I could make a bulk buying is green thing here but it really was an inside joke about how people accidentally break her nice wine glasses.) We made it a theme with cheap wine, twist tie wine charms, and a Swiss Army knife corkscrew since I left all of the brand stickers on the bottom of the glasses. That’s right. We know how to keep it classy!

After than experience, I’m all about keeping secret agent tool kit kind of stuff on me like the Clippa Mini Tools Hair Clip (learn more about it here.) It must have something to do with how much Kim Possible I used to watch back in the day.

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Call me beep me if you wanna reach me.

This James Bond hair barrette is a screw driver, wrench, trolley coin, ruler, and cutting edge in rust free stainless steel. You don’t want hair project to mess up the tools in your hidden hair tool box ya know.

I’m not so sure how useful this stealth toolbox hair barrette will be if you need to save the world, but it does look pretty useful if you you have an orange in your lunch.

No fingernails to start that orange peel? 
Take down your hair and the day is saved!

What do you think?

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