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Thursday, January 29, 2015

20 Warm Winter DIY Clothes We Love

Trying to buy warm winter clothing and accessories after Christmas is difficult because all of the stores are selling bathing suits!

Which is great if you live somewhere warm enough to wear a bathing suit during the winter.
For the rest of us, if we want warm winter clothes it’s recycling and DIY or die freezing time!

20 winter DIY recycled clothes projects
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20 DIY Must Haves to Keep You Warm This Winter

 Snowy day hat pattern Sew Kate Sew upcycled a sweater into a lined winter hat

upcycled sweater hat

DIY: Turban Beanie – Made in Pretoria refashions a blah winter knit beanie into a fashionable winter turban hat. I am so doing this!


Sew a Sweater into a simple Winter Beanie hat – A Beautiful Mess

recycled sweater into winter hat

Crochet Leather Snap Scarf – Delia Creates

She reminds me of Katniss in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

 How to turn knee socks into clever fingerless mitts – Plan B Anna Evers

socks into fingerless gloves

T shirt ruffle scarf – Mama Says Sew

t shirt ruffle scarf

30 Minute  Arm Knit Scarf – Simply Maggie. No Knitting needles or experience required!

30 minute arm knitting scarf

DIY Flannel Pajama Pant Infinity Scarf – Instructables

flannel pants upcycled scarf

Make mittens out of old sweaters – Cream de la Craft

how to make mittens out of old sweaters

Or use Free Vintage Knitting’s Classic Mittens Pattern to knit your own.

classic mitten knitting pattern

Make an old pair of gloves into a new pair you will with Make Your Own Texting Gloves - Snap!


 DIY Wool Blanket Coat – ehow. So elegant and simple to make!


 Wear fleece lined tights under your pants, jeans, or skirts and dresses. These tights aren’t just for wearing with skirts and dresses during the winter. They keep me extra warm under jeans when I walk Lacey outside. I live in fleece lined tights in the winter!  Learn more about my BFF fleece lined tights here. (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links in this post for your convenience)

I love my lined winter tights more than life itself during cold weather. For real.

Make a pair of polar fleece socks in one hour Craftdrawer Creatives. I have these cut out on my sewing table and ready to go!

If you are sensing a Lisa Lives in Warm Fleece During the Winter theme here you wouldn’t be wrong.

DIY Sweater Leg Warmers – White House Black Shutters


Make the boot sock look without the bulk by cutting just the top of the sweater sleeve.

Photo courtesy of Ellen and Blair

My Elastic Sweater Arm Leg Warmers are a hybrid of the two ideas. I like the bottoms of my legwarmers to be closer to my leg for ballet class (I just started.)  I made a channel in the bottom of the leg warmer using an elastic stretch stitch and ran a piece of elastic through the hem/channel.

recycled sweater leg warmers with elastic
A zig zag stitch well also stretch and move with the knit fabric. I used an electric stretch stitch because I took it as an opportunity to play with stitches I never use on my sewing machine. 

Lined jeans or pantsI swear by my Duluth Trading Company Fleece-Lined Duluth Flex Fire Hose Pants because they are sp warm and durable! They are on the expensive side but worth it! Read my Duluth Flex Fire Hose Pants review here.

They sell these fleece lined gems for men too.

DIY wool winter boot insoles – Maya Made.  If you don’t have the thick hand felted felt Maya uses, try washing and drying a wool sweater in the washing machine. That is the easiest way to felt a wool sweater. If you don’t want to DIY, you can buy insulated winter boot and shoe insoles here.

DIY boot insoles
Well, some people call it shrinking a sweater by accident. I to call it felting something I didn’t know I was going to upcycle until the dryer stopped.

If you'd rather buy than DIY your warm winter clothes and accessories, check out the ideas below!

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