Condo Blues: Sporty Safe Sun Sunscreen with Goddess Garden Organics (Review)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sporty Safe Sun Sunscreen with Goddess Garden Organics (Review)

This post is sponsored by Green Sisterhood but the opinion is of my own.

I seriously need to up my safe sunscreen game. My allergist gave me a new medication that makes me extremely photosensitive and I will be for most of the summer while the meds do their work.

No big deal. Sunscreen is a way of life because I’m pale.  I’m very familiar with the affects of UVB sun rays because you can see how they damage the top layer of your skin with the naked eye. For me UVB rays always cause a sunburn but for some of you hardier types the skin damage shows up as a sun tan.

My doctor told me that is a good start but I have to be just as concerned about UVA rays too.

differnce between UVA and UVB sunburn
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UVA sun ray damage is a more difficult to spot (unless you are a trained professional) because UVA rays penetrate the inner layers of your skin and cause damage such as wrinkling, aging, or pigmentation like GG_Everyday_6oz_CSpray-85157moles and freckles. 

Hmm…do you know who has evidence of UVB skin damange on his shoulders? My husband.

I asked my husband why he doesn’t wear sunscreen when he runs outside. He said he doesn't think he needs to since he is out for an hour at a time. He also said the mineral sunscreens I buy are too thick to wear and he feels like he can’t perspire properly.

I guess that’s why chemical nano sunscreens are popular but I’m leery of using them. I want my husband to protect his skin from the harmful affects of the sun but I don’t want him to apply a potential endocrine disrupter to do it.

Fortunately, he agreed to help me test Goddess Garden Organic sunsafe sunscreen  which is a mineral non-nano sunscreen.  What makes Goddess Garden Organics natural non-nano mineral screens different than conventional chemical sunscreens? Let me share an info graphic that gives you the low down.


Husband tried Goddess Garden Sport Natural Sunscreen when he ran.  Goddess Garden Sport Natural Sunscreen is water resistant up to 80 minutes after application and let me tell you my husband thoroughly tested that aspect during every training run!

Most important to him, he felt like the sunscreen wasn't prohibiting him from cooling his body when he perspires while working out. I’m happy he said he is willing to continue wearing it while running!

goddess gardens organic sunscreen

I alternated between Goddess Garden Organic Everyday Natural Sunscreen Trigger Spray and Goddess Garden Organics Everyday Natural Sunscreen Continuous Spray during outdoor color guard practice.   Both sprays I tried do not contain nasty propellants and are designed to be rubbed in after spraying them on your skin. Surprisingly it goes on sheer. I don't end up with the white haze on my skin that I sometimes get from other mineral sunscreens. Both sunscreens I tried are water resistant up to 40 minutes after applying. 

I appreciate that all Goddess Garden Organics products use only non-nano zinc and titanium as their active ingredients and do not contain any sketchy chemicals like oxybenzone or octinoxate.  If you aren’t up on your nanoparticles, Goddess Garden Organics explains it all on this article Nano vs. Non-Nano Zinc and Titanium.

We were both pleased with the performance of the sunscreens we tested. I like the performance so much I plan to use Goddess Garden Sport Natural Sunscreen first thing in the morning on hot parade days and carry the convenient travel size bottle in my pocket so I can reapply on the fly.

Don’t just take my word for it, try Goddess Garden Organics yourself for free!


Goddess Garden is giving away 1 Oz Everyday Sunscreen tubes to the first 100 people and 500 sample sachets thereafter. All you have to do is follow this link to Goddess Garden Organics, fill out the form, and receive free sunscreen! Offer is good while supplies last.

If you already know what you like, you can get  20% off your Goddess Garden purchase using the discount code #SunSafeGoddess May 19th through July 31th 2015 

What do you look for in a sunscreen?

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This post was sponsored by Green Sisterhood and Goddess Garden Organics. My family received product to facilitate this review but it did not influence my decision because all opinions are my own and that goes double for my husband.

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