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Sunday, June 21, 2015

CREATE: Vintage Jewelry and Burlap Letters

I have a big, fat, crazy love for vintage jewelry. I always surf the jewelry section when I’m in a consignment or thrift store just to drool over what I call Grandma Jewelry- the glitz rhinestone stuff.

When Husband and I played nobles at our local renaissance fictional I finally had a reason to buy some. Renaissance rich people love to wear their jewels but as two real life people acting in a 10 acre field, I didn’t want to spend much on it. Why? The pile of orphan earrings in our costume jewelry box from losing them while performing is the answer to that question.

I hung onto them to either make over into a prop or for crafting. From time to time, I cleaned out my everyday costume jewelry box and added pieces to the Some Day My Project Will Come Pile.

My vintage jewelry craft d├ęcor project idea never came. However my clever friend Amanda from Crafts by Amanda got a flash of inspiration and thankfully it allowed me to clean out some of my stash.  I sent Amanda a little Grandma Jewelry care package and waited to see what she might use.

Amanda added vintage jewelry accents she bought at yard sales and gathered from blogging friends to burlap letters that spell CREATE. It now hangs on the wall in her craft studio next to another piece of word art that says INSPIRE.

I felt like a dork that I got all excited when I saw Amanda used two of the earrings I sent her. I felt a little bit better with dorkiness when another friend told me she felt the same way when she saw her offerings in Amanda’s jewelry burlap letters too. My inner 12 year old is still amazed people like me and want to me my friend.

This isn’t a difficult project although it is time consuming depending upon how many letters you are working with. Amanda also gave me some important tips when working with burlap:

  1. Have a lint roller handy. Burlap sheds like crazy!
  2. Never wear black when you are working with burlap.
  3. If you ARE wearing black while working on a burlap project see Number 1.

Check out Amanda’s Vintage Jewel Burlap Wall Letters  tutorial here and learn how to make your own! 


What word or letters would you use in your project?

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