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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pistachio Screen Door

They may not be as energy efficient but I can't help but wish my HOA allowed us to add wood screen doors on our houses. I spent many, many summers in houses and summer camp cabins that had wood doors that opened with a "SPRONG!" and closed with a mighty "TWAK!"

Followed by a shout, "DON'T SLAM THE SCREEN DOOR!"

To this day I still think springy screen doors need to be closed with a TWAK!

"SPRONG!" "TWAK!" remind me of happy summers.

And mosquito bites as big as my head.

But I digress.

Sprongy screen doors scream SUMMER!

So naturally I had to check out the wood screen door Christine built on on DIY Dreamer  
when I saw her tweet about it.

I click.

I look.

I hear SPRONG! TWAK! in my head as the rest of the page loads. And then....


And then I fell head over heels for a door in my favorite color that is practically a neutral in our house.

Christine's back porch successfully incorporates pops of turquoise and pistachio that makes gray feel clean and cheery. Cheerful is not usually a word used to describe the color gray but in this case, the two go together very, very well.

Christine has more photos of her door and happy porch on DIY Dreamer  that make me want to dive into the arm chairs on the porch with an endless glass of lemonade (another childhood summer staple) and never leave.


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