Condo Blues: Renaissance Festival Handmade Craft Shopping Haul

Friday, October 23, 2015

Renaissance Festival Handmade Craft Shopping Haul

Through vendor friends and fellow performers, the renaissance festival is where I started learning about essential oils, creating herbal tea blends for both medicinal and yummy purposes, and fell head over heels with handmade health and beauty products.

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It is also where we got the idea of starting our Christmas gift shopping early and somewhat year round. Years ago a fellow performer proudly declared that he finished all of his Christmas shopping at the faire and was chuffed he was finished in September. Naturally being the good friends that we are, we kidded him about it.

I wasn't laughing at him that December when Husband waited until the last minute to shop for his side of the family. We didn't have the pleasant and low key Christmas Eve I enjoy becuase I was stuck wrapping a bunch of gifts that were just going to be ripping apart a few hours later. Grr.

An idea was born that saves our sanity, allows us to buy the perfect gift when we see it, and isn't a massive smack to the wallet in December. Most importantly Husband and I get to enjoy snuggling on the sofa with Lacey on Christmas Eve as a happy family instead of grumpily wrapping gifts. Thank you Jack!

As alumni renaissance festival performers, Husband and I are allowed to come and go as our schedules permit. Last weekend during our old skool performers reunion weekend (you can read more about it on Condo Blues here) I bought a big basket and a shopping list. It is tough when your favorite apothecaries are only open three months a year!

We also did a little Christmas shopping for Lacey. We bought her a plastic free dog treat launcher - a tiny toy trebuchet! Yes, really.

Do you want to see her trebuchet in action? Of course you do!

Besides we had to test it for Quality Assurance before Lacey got it for Christmas. That's our story and we're sticking to it.

Check out the video I made of Lacey's marshmallow tossing trebuchet (We're going to use my homemade dried carrot treats instead of marshmallows for Lacey.) and the lovely essential oil fragrances I bought to wear as perfume, homemade bath and body products, teas, crafts, and more in my renaissance festival craft shopping haul video below!

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