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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Handmade Wedding Gift Idea: Mr and Mrs Pillowcases

I gave a few hints about the handmade embroidered wedding gift I was making on my Instagram (follow @condoblues please?) and Condo Blues Facebook page (click here to follow and get my latest updates!) Now that the Bride and Groom are happily Mr. and Mrs. I can spill the beans.

 If you are looking for a thoughtful handmade wedding gift idea, that’s fairly simple and quick to make then this hand embroidered personalize pillowcase idea is for you!

Mr and Misses hand embroidered pillowcase tutorial

 In all honesty, I would embroider a set for myself if they came in King size.
I wanted a project I could work on during our evening Cuddle with Lacey on the Sofa Time. Embroidery fits the bill and I wanted a project to get back in the swing before I start a massive costume embroidery project.

I saw this Mr. & Mrs. Pillowcases Stamped Embroidery Kit for sale on Amazon and thought it would make the perfect gift for the Anthropologie loving bride.  I also choose this embroidery pattern because it isn’t as cutesy flowery feminine as the other Mr. and Mrs. embroidery pillow case kits I found since the other half of this equation is a guy.

easy handmade wedding gift idea Mr and Mrs pillowcases
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The pattern is stamped on each pillow case in washout ink. All I ha to supply was the embroidery hoop and 3 colors of floss. The instructions were simple and included how to do the two embroidery stitches necessary.

The project took less than one skein of each color of embroidery floss and that is after I added a stem stitch outline to the word Mr and Mrs to tie it into the scrolls on the side and hide the little bits where my satin stitches weren’t perfectly the same length (don’t read that last part Paige!)

I think outlining the words gives it a more polished look and would do it no matter what.

homemade wedding gift idea personalized pillowcases
This project only requires two embroidery stitches. The satin stitch and steam stitch. I worked on it for a few hours each evening off and on while streaming TV. It came together quickly.

During the Renaissance, a newly married couple drank honey mead after the wedding and until the new moon for good luck and a happy marriage.

Husband and I included a bottle of mead from our favorite local meadery, Brothers Drake Mead to start the happy couple off right.

And if I'm going to over do, it is worth overdoing well. I included these Bubble Champagne Coupe glasses because not only is the coupe glass  on trend but also because it is so versatile. Originally conceived as a cocktail glass, you can also use coupe glasses to serve puddings, ice cream, and desserts in addition to filling them with margaritas, champagne, wine, or mead.

I made a pink tissue paper flower followed Hey Let’s Make Stuff ‘s Tissue Paper Flower tutorial to make a flower to dress up the gift bag I used to wrap the gifts.

I dry brushed the tips of the tissue paper petals with gold paint with a light hand to tie everything together.

how to make tissue paper flowers
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The wedding was lovely.

The reception was a joyful.

Here’s to the bride and groom!

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