Condo Blues: How to Make Fleece Rain Boot Liners

Sunday, January 15, 2017

How to Make Fleece Rain Boot Liners

I have a pair of rain boots standing ready by the front door so I jump into them when Lacey needs to go outside to do her business. This is a great plan during the muddy spring and fall but could be better during winter snow since the boots aren’t very warm.

Putting Lamb's Wool Insoles helps but adding a warm boot liner helps keep the rest of my foot warm and extent the usefulness of my rain boots into the winter. I couldn't find any to buy in a store but fortunately warm fleece boot liner socks are super simple to sew and quick to make because you make them inside out!

DIY Fleece Boot Liner Socks

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For this project I am using leftover cuddle fleece fabric. It is very soft and warm but doesn’t hold its shape as well as standard fleece fabric. Adding a contrasting band of pink fleece fabric to the top of my boot socks helps keep them in place better.

If also hides that I’m using leftover kid fabric for this project from the neighbors who think I’m a responsible adult.

You will need the following for this tutorial:

1/2 yard fleece fabric

Sewing gage

Rain boots

Fabric scissors – Never use your fabric scissors for cutting anything else but fabric or you will dull your fabric scissors.

Pattern weights

Straight pins – I like to use Quilter’s Straight Pins for fleece because they are a longer than traditional fabric straight pins

Coordinating thread

Sewing machine



Paper scissors

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How to Make this project:

1. Trace the soul and outline of one of your boots on a piece of paper with a pencil.

2. Use the sewing gage and a pencil to mark a 1/4 inch seam allowance all the way around both pattern pieces and two inches to the top of the boot to make the fold over boot cuff.

I used a colored pencil to mark my seam allowance so you can see it more clearly on the scrap paper I used to make the pattern.

3. Cut the paper pattern from the sheet of paper with the paper scissors.

4. Lay the pattern pieces onto the fleece fabric to cut one soul and two sides per boot liner.

 5. Secure the pattern to the fabric with the pattern weights and use the fabric scissors to cut the pattern pieces from the fabric.

6. Pin both each side of the boot sock top together with the straight pins, leaving the bottom foot area open.

 7. Sew both side of the boot liner into place making a tube of sorts.

8. Pin the soul to the bottom of the boot liner and use the sewing machine to sew it into place.

9. Optional: I cut a two inch wide cuff of contrasting fleece fabric and sew the ends together to make tube. Pin and sew the cuff to the inside of the boot liner.  

 The lines I sewed on the bottom of the boot sock are there so the soul of the liner won't slip around in the boot when Lacey pulls me off my feet when she takes off after a squirrel in the yard.

10. Put the boot liners inside your rain boots, fold the fabric cuff over the top of the boot to hold it in place, go outside, and play!

Warm toes!

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