Condo Blues: 15 of the Best Scrap Fabric Projects

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

15 of the Best Scrap Fabric Projects

After spending an afternoon finding hidden fabric caches around the house (and wondering if I am turning into a ferret,) I organized the larger than I realized fabric stash into my super big DIY under bed fabric organizer

And oh my goooooooooooodness I learned I have a lot of scrap fabric! More than I thought.  I figure I should celebrate National Craft Month by sewing some scrap fabric project to clear out my stash so I can buy more fabric.

 Pint these all new and fantastic sewing and no sew ideas for later!

I mean, just to clear out my stash.

And maybe get a jump on sewing a few Christmas stocking stuffers?

Or finally have enough inventory to do a few craft shows as a side hustle?

And it has nothing to do with living in a small house and I will eventually have to buy fabric for projects. Such is the life of a costumer.

1.  Scrapbusting: Handmade Scrap Fabric Twine – My Poppet Makes

2. How to Make Crutch Covers and Pads – Condo Blues

3. How to Sew a Fabric Bowl – Craft Stylish

4. Scrap Flower Tutorial – Pink Suede Shoe

5. 15 Minute Zipper Pouch – Melly Sews

6. 5 Minute Project: Keychain Chapstick Holder – Crazy Little Projects

7. How to Make Reusable Makeup Remover Pads – Condo Blues

8. Badge Style Secret Pocket with Lanyard – DIY & Crafts

9. Napkin Rings – Living with Punks

10. Festive Fabric Plate – condo Blues

11.  Fabric scrap key chain tutorial – Craftiness is not optional

12. Pocket Warmers by Jessie Kay

13.  Simple gold beaded heart DIY necklace – Mod Podge Rocks

14. Reusable Cloth Gift Bags – Condo Blues

15.  DIY Bobby Pins – Christina Williams
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