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Sunday, December 3, 2017

How to Make a Christmas Tree Topper Angel

I like to mix up our Christmas decorations from year to year to get a new look from ornaments and decorations I already have and love. I figure it is time for our Christmas tree angel to grace the top of our tree after several years of big fluffy  bows.

 Here's the BEFORE. Keep reading to see the AFTER!

Girlfriend is in some sad shape. Her wings are chipped and broken, her bust looks wonky, and she has always been too tall to sit properly on the top of our tree.

So I hit the shops to drool over Christmas tree decorations find an elegant angel wearing a sumptuous brocade dress. I must be the Goldilocks of Christmas tree angels because I couldn’t find one that was Just Right.

Then I noticed that almost every angel in the store has  the same face as the Christmas angel I already own. Since I honed my sewing skills as a kid making doll clothes,  I knew I could satisfy my inner tree topper Goldilocks by repairing and making over our current Christmas tree angel into something elegant and fantastic!

Extreme Makeover Christmas Tree Angel Edition

I carefully removed the angel’s dress with a seam ripper so I could use it as a pattern for a her new clothing.  I realized her weird uniboob was batting hot glued to her chest. That was the first thing to go. Not to be a prude, but I really don’t think  my Christmas angel should be stacked like a lusty, busty, brick house.

While I had her under anesthesia for the plastic surgery, I also gave her a height reduction by measuring and cutting a few inches from the bottom of her cone. Now she is to scale for our Christmas tree.

Her name is Delores because in this state, she reminded of the character in Westworld, which I was rebinging to look for clues I my have missed the first time while working on this project. (Nerd alert!)

I glued the angel’s wings back in place with E6000 (big ol’ affiliate links appear in this post! ) so she won’t fly sideways because that must have been very uncomfortable for her.

I took my inspiration for the angel's dress from Rosemary Clooney’s red and white dress in the movie White Christmas.  I think her dress is festively elegant and desperately wish for an occasion to wear such a gown!

For the underdress, I drew diagonal lines one inch apart with a tailor’s pencil on a white fabric rectangle and sewed along the lines with red thread using a decorative stitches on my sewing machine. I repeated the process in the opposite direction to make the diamond stitch pattern. I glued green rhinestones at each interaction for a little glam and to hide any stitches that didn’t line up when they met 100%.

I tied the front piece onto the angel with green crochet thread, and tacked the top of the underdress to Delores's chest with a couple of glue dots as well as the red brocade back panel of her underskirt.

You know those decorative stitches you can’t find a good use for on your sewing machine? Well this is just the project to give them a spin!

I cut and sewed new sleeves using the old sleeve as a pattern, hot glued fake white fur trim to the hem, and hot glued each sleeve into place.

The drawstring/tie is a loose running stitch. We won't see it when when I'm finished.

I cut and sewed craft wire into the bottom of the overskirt to give it a smidge more weight to stay in place when I put Delores on top of the tree.

I used an over locking stitch on all of the raw edges even though it wasn’t necessary since I was covering the edges in fur trim. Again, becasue I wanted to play with stitches I don’t normally use.

Time to put on the over skirt!

I hot glued white faux fur trim to all of the raw edges of the dress, criss crossing them in the front and back to make the bodice so the dress looks like a fashionable robe unlike her original lumpy sack.

I gave Delores wings an upgrade by covering them in white feathers.

Christmas tree angel makeover AFTER!

I kept her nosegay as is because it stands out better against the contrasting color of her new red dress.

Lastly, I put her on top of the Christmas tree and gave her the voice prompt, “Delores bring yourself back on line.”

Then Delores told me about her world.

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