Condo Blues: Quick and Easy Reuse for a Crown Royal Bag

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Quick and Easy Reuse for a Crown Royal Bag

I recently bought an woodwind floor stand for my flute (learn more about it here)  to keep it from rolling off my chair when I set it down during band rehearsal and concert intermission. (Disclosure: I like the price and depend upon it so much I am confident in recommending it to you and using my big bold affiliate links to do it!)

Unlike this table top music stand my husband gave me for Christmas, the flute stand didn’t come with a carrying pouch. Which is odd, because I need to take my instrument stand to concert band practice while my music stand stays home and does duty as an iPad stand in my craft room. (I like to stream movies and shows on Amazon Channels (get the deets here while I work.)

I mentally put Sew Instrument Stand Carrying Bag on my growing To Do List while I was working on another To Do List task: Wipe Down the Pantry Shelves. What can I say? I’m a multitasker.

As luck would have it as I did the ol’ pantry shelf shuffle, I found the perfect thing to recycle into an instrument stand storage bag – a felt Crown Royal bag. After a trip through the washer and dryer, I popped my instrument stand in the cloth whiskey bag, closed it and buckled it to my flute case with the luggage tag I keep on it from my shop here.

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The black metal curtained holds musician’s ear plugs like these to protect my hearing during practice. I sit in front of the trumpet section in a rehearsal room with a low ceiling. Trumpets are loud.

As much as I am all about keeping our household waste low with creative reuse and upcycling, I was feeling a little weird about using an obvious bottle bag as a tiny carrying bag until I did an Internet search and found that there are tons of people reusing Crown Royal bags for easy projects like carrying trumpet mutes and golf club covers to clever ideas like making stuffed animals, quilts, and clothing. 

My absolute favorite Crown Royal bag project has to be Mary’s Crown Royal Go Go Dress on Rake and Make because she remakes the bags into a fabric first and uses that to sew her creations. The extra work makes her garments look more polished.

 Pop on over to Rake and Make to learn her process!

If you don't drink Crown Royal and want to reuse them for crafts and storage, check out the options - and more! - below!

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