Condo Blues: 5 Quick and Easy Bottle Cap Refrigerator Magnet Craft Ideas

Sunday, September 1, 2019

5 Quick and Easy Bottle Cap Refrigerator Magnet Craft Ideas

The kitchen refrigerator is the main information hub of our home. Even with all of the organization, texting, and communication apps on our phones, the most effective way to remind or remember something important is to stick a note on the fridge with a magnet.

I have a fairly bare refrigerator and a big bottle cap collection just waiting for a quick and easy upcycled craft idea.

Bottle cap refrigerator magnet crafts are only limited by your imagination and the craft supplies you have on hand. They are easy enough for kids and quick enough for impatient adults *raises hand*. 
You can make the magnet with either side of the bottle cap. You can use plastic bottle caps as well as metal. Although today I am featuring metal bottle caps because that what I collect.

5 recycled bottle cap refrigerator magnet craft ideas for kids
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You can paint them, use stickers, use printed or hand drawn designs, or just slap a magnet on the back if you like the design on a printed bottle cap.

Consider this the Choose Your Own Adventure of Bottle Cap Magnet Craft Tutorials.

How to Make Recycled Bottle Caps into Magnets


You will need the following craft supplies

Bottle caps – if you doing this craft with kids, I recommend you buy prepainted decorative craft bottle caps like these to avoid the 4 coats of base craft paint repurposing printed bottle caps take

Spray paint primer

Spray paint for metal plus primer – I like this kind

Craft paint

Paint brush

1 inch epoxy circle stickers

Mod Podge

Dimensional Magic

1 inch round paper punch

Printed bottle cap images like these

1 inch round stickersyou can find 1 inch round stickers here. I bought the round rainbow stickers from Dollar Tree here. Dollar Tree Tip: If there is something I see on the website and don’t want to search every DT store around for it (not all stores carry everything I’ve found) I order it on line and get FREE shipping by picking it up at my local Dollar Tree store! (learn more about it here.)


Round .709 inch (18 mm) adhesive ceramic magnets like these

(Disclosure: I am including affiliate links in this post for your convenience.)

Step by step how to make it tutorial

1. If you want to paint  printed metal bottle caps I recommend priming the metal bottle caps with a coat of spray paint primer so the paint will not scratch off the metal bottle cap and allow it to dry. I like  Zinsser spray primer (read about it here.)

2. Paint the background color of your bottle caps if desired. It usually takes me 3 to four coats of craft paint and two coast of spray paint to cover my printed bottle caps after priming them. If you are doing this for a children’s or make and take craft class, I suggest doing this step for them before class (spray paint for metal with primer like this one will speed the base coat process up by a lot) or buy solid color  bottle caps for crafts here.

3. Now it’s time to dive into your craft supplies and decorate one side of your bottle caps!  Here are some bottle cap decorating ideas:

Use craft paints and a paint brush to make bottle cap bug magnets like my bottle cap lady bug below. The dent from a bottle opener gives a nice detail to the wings.

bottle cap lady bug craft ideas
I used this exact craft spray sealer to protect the paint from chipping and to make it shiny. This is an optional step.

I went to town with the paint and glued paper wings I made from using this heart paper punch to make the bumble bee.

quick and easy make and take recycled bottle cap refrigerator magnet craft ideas

I like the design of the sun printed on that bottle cap and l just glued a magnet to the back.

I used the round hole punch to punch the printed flower image to size (you can also use a sticker if you like) and Mod Podge to glue and seal the image decorated with a craft gem inside of this bottle cap.

DIY refrigerator magnet craft ideas
If you don’t want to wait for Mod Podge to dry, you can glue the paper image to the inside of the bottle cap with tacky glue (learn more about it here) and seal the image to the inside of the bottle cap with a clear epoxy sticky domes like these.

For this bottle cap magnet, I used a sticker on the top of a blue bottle cap and covered it with a thin coat of Dimensional Magic to give it a non toxic water based resin look.

how to make rainbow refrigerator magnets
Not pictured: using a straight pin to pop the bubble in the Dimensional Magic before it dried

4. Once the decorations on  your bottle cap is dry attach a magnet to either the back or front side of the bottle cap to turn it into a refrigerator magnet.

make and take recycled refrigerator magnet kids craft ideas

Tip: If you do not use adhesive magnets for this craft project, an adult should use a strong glue works with metal like E6000 to glue (learn about it here) the magnet to the bottle cap.

5. Display proudly!

If you'd rather buy than DIY, check out the following options - and more! - below!

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Veronica Lee said...

These are so cute. The ladybug is my favourite!

Anonymous said...

A really cute idea! No doubt kids would love this.

Shantana said...

Such awesome ideas. Thank you for sharing. Greetings from Sydney and wish you a lovely weekend

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