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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

How to Make Button Hair Ties

My hair is growing out and is now long enough to put up into a proper ponytail as long as I use these exact Goody no slip hair elastics because for the first time in my life I haven't had to use a ton of clips, barrettes, bobby pins, and a gallon of hairspray to hold flyaways when I put my hair up. It's a miracle! (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience.) I've tried other hair ties that claim to be for sports or no slip and they often slip out of my hair or slip enough that I have fly aways mid day. The same goes for the thin hair ties that look like this that I used as a teen. Bleah. I think they are better put to use around my thread spools and bobbins in sewing room to keep them from unwinding.

So while the no slip Goody hair elastics work fantastic, they are super thick and don't look as cute or subtle. Yeah I could hide the pony hair tie with a ribbon or barrette but it’s been so long that I’ve had hair long enough to use them, I really don’t have any. Besides, I’d like the option of wearing something a little more sleek when I have to be a grown up.

 Let's make a hair elastic cover up with buttons!

how to make pony tail holders from buttons

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Most of the buttons in this tutorial are vintage buttons from my Grandmother’s button box. I also made a button pony tail holder from a large flat button to see if it would work. It did! 

You will need:

Buttons with a  thread shank - you can find a variety of decorative shank buttons here

Flat buttons – you can find a variety of decorative flat buttons here

Thin hair elastics like this kind

Dental floss

Sewing needle

Coordinating thread

Embroidery Scissors – I Love these embroidery scissors on a necklace because I’m forever misplacing my scissors mid project. Am I the only one?

Your imagination! 


Step by Step How to Make it Tutorial


1. Use the embroiderer scissors to cut a small piece of dental floss and thread through one end of the hair tie.


2. Thread the dental floss through a button thread shank and use it to pull the dental floss and hair elastic through the button shank.


diy handmade button hair ties

3. Use a slip knot to attach the hair band to the button.


How to make a Decorative Hair Tie with a Flat Button


1. Use the embroidery scissors to cut a piece of thread.


2. Thread the needle and sew the flat button to one end of the elastic hair tie.

how to make a hair tie from any kind of button

I bought the wood flat buttons for a sewing project ages ago and ended up not using them. I'm glad I can use them now!


3. Wear it and look cute!


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Marielle said...

I saw your link on the Lou Lou Girls link up. Super cute and simple! I have to make these with my daughters. Thanks for sharing!

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