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Monday, October 19, 2020

How to Make Comfortable Padded Headphone Covers

I found a set of headphones with a microphone I forgot I had in that random box of cords you’re supposed to have when you hit 30. The foam ear covers where deteriorated but the microphone windscreen was fine. What good luck I thought! I don’t have to by a new pair! I used them for my next Zoom meeting. 

Of which, the last half an hour was the longest of my life because the bare headphones hurt my ears. OW!


how to make replacement headphone covers
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I  went into my craft studio, gathered materials, popped on an audiobook (I use Audible. You can Try Audible and Get Two FREE Audiobooks here,) and started to play. In the end I had new cute and comfortable ear covers for my headphones. (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links in this post for your convenience.)


Let’ do this!

How to Make Replacement Headphone Covers

Making new headphone covers is a fantastic scrap fabric project!


You will need:

One fat quarter (or less) of fabric you can buy fat quarters of fabric here

One fat quarter or less of either fleece fabric (you can buy fleece fabric here.) cotton batting (you can buy cotton batting  here,) or thin foam padding (you can buy small sheets of foam padding here)

Bias tape  - you can buy bias tape here

Crochet thread – you can buy crochet thread here

Fabric Scissors these fabric scissors are my absolute favorite!

Straight pins

Sewing needle

Sewing Machine

Coordinating color thread

Scrap paper


Paper Scissors 



Step by Step How to Make it Tutorial

1. Use the pencil to trace around one of the earpieces onto paper. Add one inch seam allowance to your tracing (I use a sewing gage like this one) and cut the pattern out with the paper scissors.


2. Use the earpiece pattern you made in Step 1 and the fabric scissors to cut 2 earpiece covers from the fabric and 2 earpiece padding pieces (or more) from the fleece/batting/foam. If you are using foam and depending upon its thickness of it or your fleece/padding you may have to cut a circle in the center of padding if it the audio you hear through the headphones.


3. Put a fabric circle on right side up (the pretty part) on top of a padding circle and pin a piece of bias tape all the way around the the right side edge of the circle. Use the Sewing machine and coordinating thread to sew it into place. Remember to remove the pins as you sew! You are less likely to break your sewing machine needle this way.

how to sew new headphone covers

At first I used sewing clips to pin everything in place but sewing such a small clipped together piece didn’t work very well under the sewing machine presser foot so I switched to straight pins. Don’t be me. Use straight pins the first time out.


4. Fold and pin the bias tap over the edge of the ear piece and use the sewing machine to sew it into place.

how to sew replacement headphone covers

5. Using a large eye needle like this one , run a long piece of crochet thread through the bias tape casing you made on the earphone cover.

DIY replacement headphone covers

 If you think, "hey this reminds me of a drawstring." You are right! We are making a drawstring.

6.  Put the cloth headphone cover over the bare ear piece (if you are using foam, put the foam piece on the bare ear piece first and cover with the cloth circle.) Pull the ends of the crochet thread like a drawstring to fit the ear piece cover into place. Tie the crochet thread in place and trim the ends with scissors if needed.

how to make comfortable headphone covers
Drawstring time!

7. Repeat Steps 3 to 6 for the other side of your headphones.


8. Put on your comfortable headphones and jam on!

handmade replacement headphone covers
All done!

If you’d rather buy than DIY, check out these comfortable headphone covers and pads – and more!- below!

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Richella Parham said...

This is brilliant! I'm on Zoom so much these days, and headphones can grow really uncomfortable. I'd never thought of making new covers for the earpieces, but why not? Such a good idea.

Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I'm featuring you this week!

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