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Sunday, July 18, 2021

How to Make a Folding Wagon Spotter ID Tag

I loaded up our folding wagon for its grand debut at an outdoor rehearsal. It immediately paid for itself the second I didn’t have to struggle carrying  all of the things I needed that day down the long path from the parking lot to the outdoor rehearsal space. No wonder so many of my fellow cast members had folding wagons! *mind blown*


The only downside of the day was playing Where’s Waldo for my wagon in a sea of folding wagon that look like. 


I need a name tag or label or spotter for my folding wagon that lets me identify it quickly and easily.  I tried putting the bumper sticker I got at rehearsal on my wagon but it didn’t stick to the nylon fabric. Bummer.


I wanted something a little more fun than using a permanent marker to write our name.  I wasn’t feeling machine embroidering our name or monogram on it either. My inspiration came from the small license plate with my name on it I had on my bike as a kid . Hanging one of those off the back rail of the wagon is ideal!


And stupidly difficult to find in a brick and mortar store.


I decided to make a quick and easy wagon ID tag that’s more durable than the cloth and cardboard stroller spotter tags I found on Etsy (not to mention they are all cutesy baby related. Great if you have toddlers. Not so great if you don’t.) You can use this project to make a wagon, stroller, or heck, even a bicycle ID tag if you like. Here’s how.


How to Decorate a Folding Wagon


how to decorate a folding wagon

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I’m making my wagon name tag from a bumper sticker so I guess you could call this project a folding wagon bumper sticker holder too.


You will need the following supplies:


Lightweight piece of wood or unfinished craft plaque – I cut scrap wood to size with my miter saw. If you don't have that on hand, you can buy blank unfinished wood craft plaques here

Drill and drill bits

Orbital sander

2 Carabineer clips these are the exact carabineer clips I used

Spray paint

4 Metal grommetsyou can find the exact grommets I used here

E6000 glue – I recommend using E6000 because it is made to glue two different types of material together forever. You can buy E6000 glue here



Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience.


1. I traced the sticker onto a scrap piece of piece of wood with a pencil and added one inch to the top to make the handing holes.


2.  I measured, marked, and drill two holes at the top of the rectangle. I checked the size of my 1/2 inch drill bit against the size of the carabineer clip to make sure the clip would fit though. I found it  easier to drill the hanging holes in a large piece of uncut wood first. 


how to make a folding wagon sign
I originally planned to use the sliver carabineer clip until I found I only had one. Oops!

3. I cut the sign to size with my miter saw and sanded the front, back, and sides with my orbital sander and a progression of 80 grit, 120 grit, and 280 grit sandpaper. I used my Dremel to sand inside the holes. I beveled the edges with the sander to add a little interest and make the edges less pokey when I’m folding or messing with the wagon. 


4. I spray painted the back, sides, and front of the wood wagon ID tag to protect it from rain and wood rot. ‘cuz, you know, surprise popup rain storms never happen the minute you set up for outdoor summer fun.


5. I was am a little concerned the hanging holes might split with jostling or wear since I used such lightweight wood for the decorative sign. I glued a set of metal grommets to both sides of each hole with E6000 glue to reinforce the holes.


DIY folding wagon name tag
The beauty of gluing the grommets is I finally found a use for a bunch of unmatched male and female grommets.

6. I put a sassy bumper sticker on the wagon spotter on the sign. You aren’t limited to using a sticker. You can paint it or use Mod Podge Outdoor (you can learn about the water resistant Mod Podge Outdoor formula here) to decoupage it and/or seal your painted design.


7. I removed the back panel of the wagon to expose the metal rails. I attached the carabineer clips to the top rail and locked the top part of clips in place.


How to make a stroller or wagon ID clip
In hindsight, I probably should have used the next size up  than these  #3 size S-Biner clips so I wouldn’t have to finagle to fasten the hook and loop around the wagon rail.  On the other hand, when I fold the wagon the wood ID tag stays flat against the side of the wagon instead of hanging close to the wheels where it could break when I take it in and out of the car.

8. I slipped a carbineer clip into each hanging hole of the wagon name plate and locked that bottom clips into place. Then I and fastened the hook and loop securely around the clips and frame so the bumper sticker holder won’t move side to side too much in transit.


quick and easy DIY wagon name plate tag
This is the car decal the fell off the cloth wagon. It is a little wrinkled because I put the not as sticky anymore sticker on the name plate when the second coat of paint was wet hoping when the paint dried it will stick like glue. I added and old Medieval Times button because it seemed appropriate (and I haven't worn it since I bought it on vacation years ago.)


Rather buy than DIY? Check out the unique stroller spotter and folding wagon ID tag ideas – and more!- below!

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the next best thing to mummy said...

Great ways of making a tag#alittlebitofeverything@_karendennis

Life as a LEO Wife said...

How cute! I love it. This would be perfect for football baseball season for my kids. It seems everyone has a wagon with the same types of items in it. Thanks for sharing on Happiness is Homemade at! I may make my own, and I'll tag you when I do!!

Life as a LEO Wife said...

I wanted to say again that I love this idea! I have chosen your post as a feature on Happiness is Homemade at! Congrats!

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