Condo Blues: What’s the Sustainable Story with Hemp Fabric Underwear?

Thursday, January 20, 2022

What’s the Sustainable Story with Hemp Fabric Underwear?

This post is made possible from samples provided by WAMA. As always this did not influence my opinion, as all opinions are strictly my own.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get sustainable clothing is to buy it second hand. Who knew combing though thrift shops looking for funky clothes as a teen was considered so environmentally friendly? I was just looking for stuff to wear to school that no one else had or dared to wear.

Who am I kidding? I still do.

I’m all for wearing more sustainable clothing, there are some things I’m not willing to buy second hand, like underwear. Sorry environment. No. Nope. No way. No how.

I tried organic cotton fabric. While organic cotton is super soft, the items I have are very thin and wear more quickly. Swing and a miss.The folks at WAMA Underwear reached out to me and suggested I try their hemp fabric underwear. Up until now my only experience with hemp fabric is seeing scratchy Baja hoodies at flea markets. I already knew that hemp fabric is made from industrial hemp (not to be confused with its stoner cousin marijuana) uses less water and does not need pesticides to grow quickly, similar to bamboo.


is Wama henmp underwear for women comfortable to wear


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WAMA assured me that their hemp fabric is not only antibacterial and breathable, but also it gets softer with each wear/wash. They aid WAMA hemp fabric is long lasting and still holds its shape after many washes – unlike my cotton duds.

WAMA has several different styles of pants for men and women. They also offer two different styles of bras. The color selection is a little limited but they make up for that by offering four different skin tone shades for men and women. Nice! I ordered a 3 pack of women’s boy shorts and hoped for the best.

When my package arrived, the hemp jersey fabric looks and feels like a conventional jersey fabric, although it is a little softer. The hemp jersey didn’t feel slightly stiff like conventional jersey fabric coated in sizing during its production. (Which now makes me wonder, what exactly is in fabric sizing anyway?) After many test runs and trips through the washer and dryer, the WAMA underwear hasn’t faded and looks and feels just like it did when I first took it out of the package.


• WAMA offers a variety of styles for both men and women 

• Hemp fabric wicks wonderfully – no swamp tush feeling after a workout. WAMA also washes and dries quickly if you need to hand wash it in the sink while traveling.

 • WAMA is very soft right out of the package 

• Hemp makes a durable fabric that gets softer with each wash and does not degrade like cotton jersey undies.


• I wish they offered a style of bra with a bit more shape and support. WAMA may do this in the future as the company is still fairly new.

 • The colors could feel limited although the four flesh tones are a definite A+++ 

 • WAMA’s offerings tend to run small which you can easily solved by doubling checking the size chart and ordering one size from your regular size 

• WAMA is less expensive than other brands of hemp underwear but still more than a traditional cotton pair. However the WAMA hemp fabric will outlast traditional cotton underwear so that may even things out.

Overall, I like the WAMA I tried and especially the anti bacterial and anti odor qualities of their hemp fabric. I plan on purchasing more in the future on my own dime.

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