Condo Blues: How to Make Quick and Easy Outdoor Coasters

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

How to Make Quick and Easy Outdoor Coasters

I added a new seating area with a tempered glass topped side table to my front porch. I’m a little concerned about placing hot coffee cups directly onto the glass and am in need of a coaster or two.

Let’ s make some outdoor coasters!

how to make outdoor waterproof coasters

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I considered sewing a set of cute coasters from outdoor fabric until a very windy day reminded me that I need something with a little more weight. Otherwise, I’ll have to keep rescuing my porch decorations from my neighbor’s yard.

And if I could use a few things from my craft stash that would be awesome! That room can always use a good declutter project.

You will need the following supplies for this DIY coaster project:

Small unfinished square wood plaque – you can buy square wood plaque similar to mine here 

White craft paint

This exact FolkArt Outdoor Acrylic Paint in Wicker White 

This exact FolkArt Outdoor Acrylic Paint in Calypso Sky 

Mod Podge – I used the Mod Podge Outdoor formula found here 


Scrap fabric


Scrap felt

This exact E6000Fabric Fuse glue


Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience.

Step by Step How to Make Outdoor Coasters Tutorial

1. Use a paintbrush to paint the side detail of the wood plaque Wicker White and allow it to dry.

2. Use a paintbrush to paint the top and sides of the wood plaque Calypso Sky and allow it to dry.

3. Turn the wood plaque upside down onto the fabric, trace around the top edges with a pencil, and cut it out with the scissors.


how to make easy mod podge coasters

I did a little dry fit test to see if the fabric pattern will fit the surface of the coasters after Step 1 and before Step 2.


4. Using a separate paint brush, apply a thin coast of Mod Podge Outdoor to the back side of the fabric and allow it sit for several minutes until it is tacky (the glue. Not your fabric. Don’t use tacky fabric. That is um, tacky.)

This will make the fabric a bit stiffer and easier to line up on your craft surface.

5. Use the paint brush to apply a second thin coat of Mod Podge Outdoor to back side of the fabric and your surface. Stick the fabric on the surface and smooth out any fabric wrinkles or bubbles if needed and allow the Mod Podge to dry.

6. Apply a top coat of Mod Podge Outdoor to the top and sides of the coaster and allow it to dry. This will seal the paint and fabric and make it water resistant.

7. Trace the bottom of the coaster with a pencil on the scrap felt, cut it out with the scissors, and use the E6000 Fabric Fuse to glue it to the bottom of the wood plaque. I like using E6000 Fabric Fuse because it is made specifically for fabric while still sticking like regular E6000, it doesn’t dry crunchy like other fabric glues, and best of all, it doesn’t stink like regular E6000!

8. Once the glue is dry, put your cute coasters on the table, add a cup, and drink up!


how to make table coasters
Welcome to my favorite weekend morning coffee shop!

Are you looking for more coaster and outdoor craft ideas? Check out the following options - and more! - below!

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Slabs said...

Super cute and handy to have outdoors.
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Life as a LEO Wife said...

These are so cute! Thanks for sharing on Crafty Creators!
Niki | Life as a LEO Wife

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

So cute and perfect for Summer patios and balconies. Featuring when my link party opens. Thanks for sharing!

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