Condo Blues: How to Make a Christmas Dinosaur Decoration

Monday, November 27, 2023

How to Make a Christmas Dinosaur Decoration

I took part in the best Christmas Gift Exchange where the theme was Handmade, Regifted, or Thrifted. I made my person some lovely chocolates and wanted to tuck a little extra thing into their gift.

Once I spotted a plastic T Rex toy, I found my joy, and went about turning the T Rex toy into Chompy the Christmas Dinosaur decoration. Chompy not only delivers presents to the good little girls and boys, but he also takes care of your enemies and those who give you grief.

Let’s make Christmas Dinosaur Decorations!

DIY T Rex dinosaur Christmas decorations

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You will need:

A plastic T Rex dinosaur toy. I bought Chompy from the Target Dollar Spot. You can find a similar dinosaur toy here 

Dark green craft paint – I used this Folkart Multisurface Hunter Green paint here

Light green craft paint – I used this Apple Barrel Bright Green paint here

White craft paint - I used this FolkArt Multi-Surface Wicker White paint here

Red Craft paint - I used this DecoArt Americana Santa Red paint here

White/Clear Glitter craft paint- I used this Folkart WhiteMultisurface FolkArt Extreme Glitter paint here 

E6000 Fabric Fuse Glue – You can learn more about my favorite no smell E6000 glue here

Painter’s tape

Red and white felt fabric

A bit of fiberfill or cotton balls

Assorted miniatures for the toys in Chompy’s sack


Paint brush

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Step by Step How to Make a Toy into a Christmas Decoration

1. I decided Chompy should be green instead of his original red. I used painters tape to mask off the areas I planned to keep red for Chompy’s Santa coat. Then I painted his body with two coats of Hunter Green paint and painted his spikes and pedicure with two coats of bright green paint.



2. Originally I tried to make Chompy a felt coat to look like Santa but he is too wiggly when it comes to fittings. His original red isn’t as vibrant as his green personality revealed. I bumped it up to match by painting Chompy’s coat areas with two coats of Santa Red. That’s better!

3. When I showed the in-progress Chompy to a friend, she suggested adding glitter, despite it being a gift for a man. I agreed because after a few strategic swipes of white glitter paint, Chompy sparkled on the outside, reflecting his sparkling personality on the inside.


DIY Tyrannosaurus Rex Christmas Decoration
I also brightened Chompy's smile by applying two coats of white paint on this teeth.


4. I made a felt Santa hat for Chompy and attached it, along with the white felt I cut for the fur trim of his coat, using E6000 fabric glue. I prefer E6000 Fabric Fuse because it doesn't have a strong odor and doesn't dry stiff like regular E6000 can.


how to make a Christmas dinosaur decoration
Oh Chompy! You are starting to look festive!

5. To make a Santa Claus sack for Chompy:

• I cut another piece of red fabric into a circle and used a hole punch like this one  to make a border of holes.


how to make a Tyrannosaurus Rex Christmas decoration


• Put a small amount of fiberfill in the center of the circle

• Then, I wove a drawstring in and out of the border of hole punches and closed the Santa bag.

•I filled Chompy's sack by gluing a few miniatures and broken Christmas present earrings on top.


Unique DIY Christmas dinosaur decoration


  6. Lastly, I tied the strings of the Santa Sack around Chompy's body and glued it into place.

And here he is, Chompy the Christmas Dinosaur in all of his glory!


Unique DIY Dinosaur Christmas Decoration
Hello, my name is Chompy.

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