Condo Blues: Nintendo Decorate My Walls!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nintendo Decorate My Walls!

Oh blik how I love you! Your big fun graphic wall decals go right in line my with my retro-modern-Bauhaus-contemporary-found and funkified-Da Da-Danish decorating style. (Bonus points to you if you recognize that I’m referring to the Bauhaus design movement and not Jello Biafra’s band.) The only problem with blik is trying to pick one design to use. Personally, I’m leaning towards the Keith Haring dogs for our guest room.


If I had a hard core gamer in da house, I’d go with the old school Nintendo series.

Space Invaders!


Where's the Princess, Mario?


If you're considering an antique video game theme for the walls, you need to go all the way and add some old school accessories. An old NES system would work. So would a series of 1up Mushrooms sprinkled around the room.

PhotobucketThe mushroom of power?

Or Super Mario bath bombs.

PhotobucketMario and the gang are going to clean up this town I tell you!

Or just accessorize your gamer with an 8-bit tie.


Have you used wall decals in your design scheme? What were your results?

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