Condo Blues: Six Strange Things You Can and Cannot Compost

Friday, June 13, 2008

Six Strange Things You Can and Cannot Compost

We have a new kooky little game we play here now that we know that the covert  composter works. We call it Will It Compost?

Six Weird Things That Will Compost

1. Dog fur tumbleweeds from Blitzkrieg’s hairbrush.

2. Dryer lint.

3. Dirt from the Roomba.

4. A 100% white cotton sock.

5. Corn-based plastic coffee lid from a paper take out cup of coffee. Husband and I threw it into the compost bin just to see if it would compost - it did!

6. Wine Corks. Obviously, I'm talking about composting wine corks made from real cork instead of the fake corks that are made from plastic.

Six Weird Things I Will Not Compost

1. Fallen eucalyptus leaves and branches from a wreath.

2. Citrus peels. They are too acidic.

3. Weeds.

4. Diseased plants.

5. Dog and cat poo.

6. The bodies of my enemies. Tempting, but no. Remember that episode of Bones where they found the murder victim and enough evidence to convict the killer because the killer was too dumb to realize that you shouldn’t put meat (for lack of a better term) in a compost heap because it will make the compost smell and possibly attract animals? Besides, murder is soooo tacky!

What unusual things have you tried to compost? Did it work?

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