Condo Blues: Turn a Picture Frame Into Raised Dog Feeder

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Turn a Picture Frame Into Raised Dog Feeder

I wanted a raised feeder for Blitzkrieg’s food and water bowls in my kitchen because my boy is a sloppy eater. As long as I filled it with food and water on a regular basis, I knew Blitzkrieg wouldn’t care what his new feeder looked like.

However, since I have to look at it, I wanted something that looked good. Most of the feeders I found were functional, but ugly.

That being the case, I decided to make one myself.


How to Make a Raised Dog Feeder

Measuring tape or yardstick
Shadow box picture frame large enough to hold your pet’s food and water bowls
A thin piece of wood that fits into the backside of the picture frame (optional)
Four napkin rings
Hot glue (because what is a craft without a little hot glue action?)

1. Measure your dog from the paw to the shoulder. If a dog uses a raised feeder that's either too high or too low it could hurt their back after long-term use. After measuring your dog from paw to the shoulder, divide the measurement by two. This is how high you should make your dog's raised feeder. For example, my Peke Blitzkrieg is 8 inches from his paws to the top of his shoulder. That means Blitzkrieg's feeder should be 4 inches tall.

2. Paint the wooden interior of the shadow box picture frame or, if your frame has a cardboard backing, paint the thin piece of wood that fits instead your picture frame.

3. Watch the paint dry. Crafting is so exciting!

4. Insert and secure the painted backing or piece of wood into the picture frame after the paint dries.

5. Hot glue a napkin ring each corner of the bottom of the picture frame for the legs. Fortunately, my napkin rings were 4 inches high, the perfect size for a Pekingese.

6. Turn the feeder right side up, fill your pet’s bowls with food and water, and put the bowls in the feeder.

7. Puppy chow time!