Condo Blues: How to Make Aluminum Can Coasters

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How to Make Aluminum Can Coasters

I have another aluminum can craft for you today! Today’s tutorial is for round soda pop can coasters.

diy beer can coasters
 Aluminum can coasters a fun handmade gift!

Husband and I often work at our computer desks with a coffee mugs or water glasses in front of us. Anything on the desk is fair game to be used as a coaster because we don’t want to ruin our wood desktops. As you can imagine, that doesn't always work well because spilling things is my superpower. Paper envelopes pulled from the recycling bin make lackluster and sometimes soggy coasters.

Let’s fix that.

How to Make Beer Can Coasters

I am using craft beer cans to make my coasters because I like the design on Mystic Mama IPA (one of Ohio’s ever growing number of craft breweries.) Although a beer can coaster may not be the wisest thing to make if you want to use it on your desk at work or in an office. In that case, you can use the can of any beverage you like.

Mystic Mam India Pale Ale
Mystic Mama’s kinda looking like Medusa with that snake hanging around.

I am making round aluminum can coasters because I don’t have any spare square tiles. I think the round coaster goes better with design I cut from the Mystic Mama can. Funny how a happy accident looks like I designed and engineered it on purpose. Love that!

I bought round ceramic coasters at the dollar store and painted over the design because I couldn't find a good coaster make over candidate at the thrift store.

upcycled coaster before
Be prepared to be painted drab little coaster!

You can buy round ceramic coaster blanks at the craft store or come to think of it old CDs might work too. 

You will need:

Round ceramic coasters or coaster blanks

Craft paint

Paint brush

Aluminum can

Tin snips or heavy duty scissors

Work gloves

Sizzix Big Shot and round die (mine is similar to this one) or use the coaster as a template

E6000 glue or caulk

Clear enamel gloss spray (I am using Rustoleum Clear Enamel Spray because I don’t want my cans to rust when I spill coffee and water on them which is guaranteed to happen with me.)

Make it:

1. Use the paint brush to paint the ceramic coaster with craft paint and allow it to dry. I used 2-3 coats of craft paint to cover the designs on my coaster.

2. Wearing the work gloves, use the tin snips or heavy scissors to cut the aluminum can into a flat sheet using the diagram below.

Since this is a recycling craft project, I’m recycling the diagram photo from my food blog Lazy Budget Chef.

3. Use the round die and Sizzix Big Shot to cut a circle from the soda pop can that is the same size as your coaster.

how to die cut alumimum can
I use little bits of masking tape to keep the slick can and die from slipping through the machine.

4. Use E600 glue or caulk to glue the beer can to the coaster and allow it to dry.

round aluminum can coaster
You may want to go over the can with a brayer (I use an old gift card) to make sure the can sticks to the coaster. You can but a book or heavy object on top of it while it dries if the can won’t stay flat as the glue/caulk dries.

5. Optional: Glue a piece of cork or felt to the underside of the coaster to protect your table if need be.

glue cork to coater bottom
I skipped this step. My coasters already have a cork bottom.

6. For extra protection and easier cleaning, spray each soda pop can coaster with a clear gloss enamel spray in a well ventilated area and allow it to dry overnight.

7. Put your coaster on your desk, grab your coffee cup and drink up!

how to make aluminum can coasters

Use your Mom or Dad’s favorite drink and make them a set of aluminum can coasters for a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift!

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