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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Recycled Pendant Charm Bracelet

I am in Spring Cleaning mode and nothing is safe. I cleaned and organized the garage, reorganized my closet, and tidied the drawers in my nightstand.

During my decluttering binge, I rediscovered some pendent necklaces I haven’t been wearing and my old charm bracelet.

recycled charm bracelet
 Pin this for later. Memory charm bracelets make thoughtful gifts!

Many of my old necklaces were gifts and have special meaning. I know I don’t need a necklace made from one of my grandfather’s tuxedo buttons to remember him but I don’t want to get rid of it either.

I want to wear the necklaces more often and I always wished my charm bracelet were as a full of charms as my mom’s. That’s when I realized I had the answer in front of me.

charm bracelet
The subway token isn't a charm. I bought it off eBay to symbolize my first trip to New York because my Metrocard was too big to wear.

I bought some split jump rings and added the pendants from the necklaces to my charm bracelet. Now I can wear all of my happy memories more often and at the same time!

charm bracelet charms

I know wearing an old school charm bracelet is a little bit retro but sometimes so am I.

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