Condo Blues: How to Make Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Thursday, April 9, 2015

How to Make Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

I use disposable face wipes when I travel for the convenience but once I’m out I forget to buy more until the next time I go on a trip. Besides, I try to limit the amount of one time use disposables I use on a regular basis and let’s face it, wash cloths are reusable and face wipes are not.

Too bad I have a bad habit of by passing the wash cloths at night and not washing the makeup off my face before I go to bed. Why? Laziness I guess. 

make reusable makeup remover rounds

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Fortunately, I found some leftover terry cloth fabric during one of my Spring decluttering and cleaning binges. I turned that into a reusable and green answer for my lazy face washing problem – reusable terry cloth makeup remove pads.


How to Sew Terry Cloth Makeup Remover Pads

You will need:

Terry cloth fabric, wash cloths, or thin towels
- You can buy the exact terry cloth fabric I used for this project here

Pad template – you can trace a round bottle or can, cut a square shape, heck you make them into a dodecahedron if you want! The size and shape are up to you.

Tailor’s chalk 

Fabric scissors  - I can't live without these fabric scissors. They are sharp, last forever, and well worth the price I paid for them!

Straight pins

Coordinating thread

Sewing machine - I treated myself to this Brother sewing machine because it also embroiders!

Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post for your convenience.

Make it:

1. Trace the pad template with the tailor’s chalk or pencil on the fabric and cut the shape out with the scissors. I used my Sizzix Big Shot and Spellbinders Nestabilites Standard Circle Dies to cut my fabric into circles. 

cutting fabric with sizzix big shot
I chose a circle because I will store my makeup remover rounds in a repurposed glass jar.

2.   I had to cut three fabric circles to make one make up pad because my terry cloth fabric is very thin. Depending upon how thick your fabric is and your preference, you might only need two fabric circle per pad. If you like them cushy, use more layers although it might be more difficult to sew if you make the pad super thick.

3. Line up and stack two or three fabric circles on top of each other and pin them into place making sure the right side (the loopy pretty side) is facing out on both side of the pad to be.

how to make terry cloth makeup remover pads

4. Use the sewing machine and coordinating thread to sew the circles together. I used a basic zig zag stitch to sew my wipes to encourage the fabric edges not to unravel.

  make reusable makeup remover wipes
You can use an over lock stitch on your makeup remover pads too. In a perfect world my serger would not sew only at Turbo Speed which makes serging circles on it next to impossible. After failing with the serger  the overcast stitch on my sewing machine played ME TOO and wouldn’t cooperate on such thin fabric. That when I decided to zig when my sewing machine started to zag.

5. Follow Steps 1 – 4 until you make as reusable make up remover wipes as you need.

6. Grab a wipe and clean up!

eco friendly makeup remover wipes

I collect the dirty reusable face wipes in a lingerie bag throughout the week and pop it in the washing machine the next time I do laundry.

If you'd rather buy than DIY, check out the following options - and more! - below!

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Teresa B said...

This is a great idea!
It is easy for you to cut fabric with the Nestabilities? I find that they work great on paper and card stock, but I have difficulties when cutting fabric. Is there a trick to do that?
Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party this week. Pinned.

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