Condo Blues: 12 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

12 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles

Have a few empty plastic bottles lying around and don't have a recycling bin? That's OK because there are many ways that you can creatively recycle a plastic soda bottle if you don't want to throw it into the recycling bin. Here are 12 of my favorite ideas from around the Web.

1. I'm a coffe junkie. If I ever find myself in a coffee-free situation, this Emergency coffee maker may just do the trick.

2. The Upside down tomato planter is simply brilliant for my space challenged Condo patio. I really wish I saw this before I bought my Topsey Turvy tomato planter.

3. Have a lot of stuff that needs a home? Who doesn't? Use those empty plastic bottles to make Water Jug Storage Bins!

4. Itching to start gardening? Make a Seed Starter from orphan plastic bottles.

5.Turn your current toilet into a low flow toilet with a bottle filled with water.

6. Make a funnel.

7. Make a insect trap.

8. Steady your camera with a bottle mono pod.

9. Use it as a weed killer wind shield

10. Hate to water plants? Make a self watering planter.

11. Make a rain guage - science in action!

12. Feed starving birdies - Make a bird feeder

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