Condo Blues: Scare Your Neighbors with Garden Decorations!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Scare Your Neighbors with Garden Decorations!

shiny ball gone
replacement décor follows
yard to scare neighbors?

An unknown mischievous brat darling neighborhood cherub smashed the gazing ball I put in my front flowerbeds for height. I did some shopping around Design Toscano for a replacement garden decoration. I didn’t find a replacement for my gazing ball, but I did find some garden décor that would scare my neighbors.
Nothing says, “Welcome to My Home” like a two foot tall Garden Yeti!

Need something to fill in that 2 1/2 foot bald spot in your garden bed while you are waiting for that ground cover grow? Try this happy little Raptor skeleton. Look, he’s smiling…!


Maybe digging a moat around my flowerbed would save my garden from
bratty rude
mischievous children. In that case, my moat would need a dragon.

Need to add some height to your garden? Try these on for size.
A 2 foot tall T-rex.

238 pounds of brontosaurus glory.

A 22 pound of resin Wooly Mammoth.

I’d only add this alien guy if he comes with his own ray gun and shoots trespassers.

Nothing SAYS GET OFF MY LAWN better than a 2 ½ foot tall gargoyle named Scatheus.


If you decide to scare your neighbors with any of this garden art (?), then you should probably add this sign too.


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Mom24 said...

I vote for the gargoyle! So sorry. Who knows why people do things like this.

Karen Coutu said...

Haha. I like the 3pc dragon. Sorry you have to put up with having vandals as neighbors.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the yeti. Get the yeti. And then get an electric fence.

Laura Brown said...

In Florida my Mom has a mirror with a big alligator on it. She has a rock and tropical garden down there. The alligator looks very real, especially on the water/ mirror.

Enjoyed this post. Hope that brat is scared out of your garden.

Laura Brown said...

Linked to you on Word Grrls.

Christine and FAZ said...

What about a killer guard cat, I do this for our garden pretty effectively. I wait for the kids on the way to school, roll on my back so they lean over to tickle my belly ... then I bite them. FAZ

joaquin said...

what great things for the garden, had no idea! very nice

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