Condo Blues: Election 2008 is Going to the Dogs, Part 2

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Election 2008 is Going to the Dogs, Part 2

This isn't a political blog and I usually don't blog about politics. It's not that I don't have political opinions oh, trust me, I do. Political discussions and debates are typical dinner table fodder here at The Condo because all of its residents are free to express their own personal political opinions. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we don’t.

“Hang on, wait a minute. All of the residents of The Condo are free to express their political opinions?! “ you ask incredulously, “Including Blitzkrieg?”

Yes, gentle reader, including my dog Blitzkrieg. Take a look closely at timestamp 1:50 in the election 2008 Jib Jab video I posted yesterday and you will see that Blitzkrieg is exercising his right to vote – just as every good Pekingese American should.



Blitzkrieg tells me that he is still undecided on whether he is going to vote for Obama or McCain for President in upcoming November election. However, judging by the way he likes to pee on trees, I think that Blitzkrieg is leaning towards the Green Party candidate. Makes sense, after all, he is a dog.