Condo Blues: Hippies, Festivals, and Dogs, Oh My!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hippies, Festivals, and Dogs, Oh My!

The last weekend I went to Comfest, a huge three-day local music, art, and food blowout. A lot of people refer to Comfest as a big hippie festival because for three days Goodale Park looks a little like Height Ashbury in the 60’s with lots of people hanging out and listening to the bands, getting carpel tunnel from signing political petitions, and smelling patchouli in the air. At least I hope that was patchouli I smelled…

Oh and there’s tie-dye. Lots of people wear tie dye. And dogs. People like to bring dogs to Comfest. Sometimes the dogs wear tie dye too.
Not my dog. Blitzkrieg wisely opted to stay home and wear the air conditioner during warm Comfest weekend.

Most people go to Comfest for the music. I like to go to Comfest for the shopping. It’s a great place to do some early Christmas shopping and you get the added bonus of being able to meet the artists and Etsey crafters in person! For example, last year I bought these cute hair bows in red for a niece from Lucky Kat


I also bought my 2-year-old nephew an Ugly Doll from Rivet.


Since I rode my bike to Comfest (6 miles one way thankyouverymuch.) I couldn’t do a lot in the way of shopping this year. Instead, since I am extremely out of shape, I did much in the way of stumbling around the festival because my legs and tush hurt so much from my bike ride. I’m pretty sure my wobbly leg walking made everyone think that I spent too much time in the beer tent, which wasn’t the case (no booze for me, I was a healthy granola girl and drank water all day.)
I perked up from my tired wobbly legged walking when I saw the Art Cars on display. I can’t help but smile when I look at an Art Car.

car @ comfest

car @ comfest

Art Cars inspire me to reuse all of those old Happy Meal toys I have that didn’t make it into the Evil Laundry Room. I don’t think Husband feels the same way. Oddly, the glue bottles in my craft room go into hiding during Comfest weekend. Coincidence? I wonder…

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Anonymous said...

This looks like a lot of fun. And I'll have to snap a picture of my porch planter and submit it for the green it carnival. Have a great 4th!

Deb DiSalvo said...

Hey - I'm so bummed I missed comfest this year - I really wanted to go! I love those ugly dolls - so awesome! And I agree with you about the Doo Dah parade versus red,white & boom - too many people at RW&B - I'll pass on that! Are you participating in Craftin Outlaws this year???? Unfortunately, I was turned down for the show - boo hoo! BUT, I will definately be there - I LOVE that show!

Jill said...

We haven't been in years, but I always enjoy the pictures from there... awesome people watching!!!

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