Condo Blues: How to Make Moth Repelling Lavender Sachets

Thursday, September 25, 2008

How to Make Moth Repelling Lavender Sachets

I love the look and smell of the lavender growing in my front yard. I also love that lavender is a natural moth and pest repellant.


This year, I had a good crop of lavender and decided to make sachets that I could hang up in my closets to keep the moths at bay.

First, I dried the fresh lavender. Once it was dry, I removed the flowers and cut the stalk and leaves into tiny bits.

Next, I went to my fabric stash and sewed two squares of cotton fabric together.

Then, I filled each square with chopped lavender bits and buds and sewed the last side of the square closed.

Finally, I sewed a piece of leftover ribbon to one of the corners of the sachet, so I could hang it in my closet.

I used the same method to make another free lavender sachet for the sweater shelf in my armoire from a ribbon embroidery sampler.

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