Condo Blues: How to Make Old Doc Martin Boots into a Hip Flower Pot

Thursday, September 11, 2008

How to Make Old Doc Martin Boots into a Hip Flower Pot

Husband and I spent at weekend at the Dublin Irish Festival. We saw the sights, we ate some pretty good haggis (yes, it’s a Scottish food, but we Celts in America sometimes have to have Scottish stuff at our Irish events because we don’t have access to 100% Irish entertainment or food vendors all the time like they do in say, Ireland), listened to great bands such as The Tartan Terrors (friends of ours from our Renaissance Festival days), Gaelic Storm (you might recognize them as the steerage band in that tiny film about a boat that sank), and spent quite a bit of time at the Celtic rock stage listening to The Prodigals, and yes, Bad Haggis.

After that I got the itch to make something creative and yes, a little bit rock and roll. Even, dare I say, a little punk rock? I decided to dig out my very first pair of Doctor Martian boots and make a flower planter out of them.

First I made a self watering planter from a plastic water bottle Husband got after running a road race and a bit of leftover t-shirt material.

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The original laces from my boots were long gone. I think I cannibalized them as laces for one of my many Elizabethan bodices. No worries! I used a pair of pink shoe laces that I got from a past Race For The Cure to lace the bottle planter snugly into each boot.

I planted some free wildflower seeds that I got from an Earth Day event into each boot. I watered and waited and watered and waited.

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My apologies for the photo quality. I had to use my PDA.

Ta da! My boots are now a punk rock planter.

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