Condo Blues: Bruce Campbell Pumpkin Meet the Mac-O-Lantern

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bruce Campbell Pumpkin Meet the Mac-O-Lantern

My brother-in-law likes, nay, is obsessed with horror movies and Halloween. In fact, most of the décor in my Evil Dead laundry room came courtesy of holiday gifts from him. I think most of these items where gifted to us under the my-wife-put-a-moratorium-on-me-buying-new-horror-movie-stuff-for-my-man-cave-so-I’m-buying-this-for-you-because-I-think-it’s-cool- and-I-know-you-like-Bruce-Campbell-movies clause of their marriage contract.

That’s why my laundry room looks like a dorm room.

BIL has a friendly competition with his neighbor on who carves the best pumpkin each Halloween. Both guys bought pumpkin carving kits at the store. After using the store bought templates, they both quickly ditched that idea the following year and have been doing their own thing every since.

As an homage to my Evil Dead laundry room, my brother in law carved this pumpkin for Halloween. Bruce Campbell as Ash in the movie The Evil Dead. On the other hand, it could be Ash in Evil Dead 2. Or possibly Ash in Army of Darkness? Anyway, here is his masterpiece.


Now I cannot compete with this. Nor would I want to because I’m not really a blood and guts horror movie type of fan. If I have to watch that kind of movie, it’s more of a funny scary one like Scary Movie than a gory scary film like Friday the 13th: We're Still Milking This Franchise Way After it Jumped the Shark

Chances are I’m still watching the movie from behind the sofa.

So what could a fun loving, computer-minded person like me do to compete with this jack 0-lantern for Halloween? Well, if you’re Fusebox at Instructables, you will make a genius Mac-O-Lantern out of an old Macintosh computer!

- More cool how to projects

The next big question is where can I find an antique Macintosh that still works?

Side Note: I can't belive I just used the words "antique" and "Macintosh" in the same sentence.

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4 comments : said...

That pumpkin is unreal. WHO has time to do stuff like that?? And WHY??

savvysuzie said...

My husband caught me reading your post about decorating your laundry room. Now he wants one. We probably have enough figures to pull it off too.

Oh and he says the pumpkin is ED2. Just in case anyone asks :)

Megan said...

YOu said you tagged me in a meme. I don't see it???! HELP! :)

Anonymous said...

wow. :O

i also love the mac-o-lanters. :D

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