Condo Blues: From Silver Teapot to Flower Vase

Thursday, May 7, 2009

From Silver Teapot to Flower Vase

Husband surprised me with a bunch of flowers for our wedding anniversary. I grabbed a vase from my stash (alas, poor me. He gives me flowers often so yes, I have quite a few empty flower vases in my cupboard. Don’t hate me OK?) and arranged the flowers.


Now Husband is a man who gives good gift. He knows I like unusual flower combinations in my bouquets. This bouquet is no exception – it needed an unusual vase and to tell you the truth this isn’t my favorite vase. It’s one of several free with delivery vases I have in my decorating accessory closet (OK, it’s a set of shelves in my utility room that holds candles and the like. I have space issues people!) One of these days I tell myself that I should spiff up the free vases with some glass paint but I forget about it until I need a vase for flowers. I also tell myself that I should just go out and buy a nice vase but I forget about that too.

I went back into the closet (heh) and came out with my silver tea set. Since most of my guests on formal occasions don’t drink tea, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve used this pot for the actual serving of tea. Seems fitting to use it as a vase for my anniversary flowers we got the tea set as a wedding present.


I left the table cloth off of the dining room table. I like the juxtaposition of the formal silver teapot on the
beat up table Husband has a sentimental attachment to and that I want to light on firerustic patina of Husband’s childhood dining room table.

What do you think?

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Greenbaby said...

Oh! Your husband is good! Those are absolutely stunning flowers and the teapot does so much more than a glass vase ever could. I too have the delivery vase problem. Flower shops should set up a recycling program where people can deliver their used vases for a bit of in-store credit or something. After all, how many of us have four or more sitting on our shelves? Thanks so much for your Thrifty Green Thursday tips!

The Earth said...

Thats a lovely gift from your husband.. :)

Prudence said...

Beautiful flowers and great presentation! Congratulations on your anniversary!

RecycleCindy said...

Great idea and a cool way to display a bouquet of flowers. Happy belated anniversary too!

Laina27 said...

I love the silver teapot for a vase. I found a silver teapot at a local craft show that is hanging from a chain as if pouring tea and silver spoons are hanging below the spout as a wind chime. I keep it in the kitchen so it doesn't tarnish so fast outside. (I too have the shelves in the utility room problem, compounded by the litter box dogs, just cats!)

Amanda Grant said...

LOL at the comment about the table. We have a few items like that in our house, too. :)

Rebecca said...

That looks beautiful! I love the flowers and the teapot. I had a surplus of vases at one point, so what I did was give them away one by one. I'd cut flowers from my yard and give them to people when they had me over for dinner or any other suitable occasion. Eventually, I got rid of all but my favorites!

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