Condo Blues: Make Business Cards from Wallpaper Samples

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Make Business Cards from Wallpaper Samples

I needed some business cards to promote Condo Blues at BlogHer.

I opened up Photoshop and stared a hole through that stupid blinking cursor on my computer screen. Nothing I came up with said creative reuse, decorating, DIY, crafty things, clever things, let alone green things. I just wasn’t feeling it.

I HATE picky clients.

Especially when they are me.

I considered writing all of my blog information onto post-it notes and sticking them all over Blitzkrieg because he’s the real rock star of this blog, but Blitzkrieg wasn’t very interested in helping me promote Condo Blues at BlogHer. He was much more interested in the prospect of getting boozy at the cocktail parties in the evening. That meant we had to have a little sit down (again!) and discuss how alcohol is not good for dogs (seriously) and that the legal drinking age is counted in chronological years not dog years which means he’s too young to drink booze.

Fine! Don’t take me to meet my public! Post-It notes mat my fur anyway! Harrumph!”

Hmmmm. Think. Think. Think.

I did some on line research and found inspiration in numbers 6 and 7 on 12 Awesome Photography Business Card Ideas. I rummaged around in my craft room/sewing room/really-too-sad-and-in-need-of-decorating-so-I-won’t-show-you-room and found a wallpaper sample book I picked up when I had a membership to the Waste Not Center.

Hmmm…maybe I can build a funky business card with these?


The buisness card shells are cut from wallpaper samples. I think they make for prettier business cards than actual wall coverings.

I consider these cards a public service. Not only for keeping the wallpaper sample book from cluttering up a landfill but also for keeping some of these fugly wallpapers from gracing anyone’s home. Purple textured shimmer wallpaper, seriously? Just say no!

If someone objects to the prospect of carrying around a bit of vinyl (some of the cards are made with vinyl wallpapers, some are not) my information is sewed to the card using paper with recycled content. They can easily rip the paper off and dispose of the card itself. All I ask is that you don’t do this in front of me, because it took many hours to make the cards and I might cry.

I made 400 of these suckers just in case I get a rush of people wanting information about Condo Blues. If I have extras, I going to foist them on passersby in downtown Chicago. I’ll be the one standing in-between the hobo asking for spare change and the nuttier wearing the “End is near” sandwich board sign. Stop by and tell me you wish Blitzkrieg were here.

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