Condo Blues: Martini Tote Bag Revamp

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Martini Tote Bag Revamp

I got a freebie tote bag with a mesh water bottle pocket at The Pet Expo. This bag would be perfect for carrying around town if it didn’t have a big ol’ logo on it.


I contimplated sewing some sort of decorative patch like thing over the logo. The Queen left the following comment on that post:

"You totally inspired me to cover up the fugly logos on my shopping bags. I was always having to explain to cashiers that no, I'm not a librarian, I just went to a book conference, etc. I did NOT have a giant needle punch kit laying around (sad), but I do have a sewing machine and a giant box of scraps! DH thought I had gone nuts, and I did. In good way. Really. I took all my giant fugly-logoes totes and put pretty pretty pockets on them. Yay, place to put coupons and no more logos. Thanks for the idea."
And in turn The Queen inspired me! I appliqu├ęd and embroidered a martini glass onto a piece of black fabric from my fabric stash and sewed it over the logo to make a pocket. If you don’t sew, fabric glue or fusible webbing will work. If you don't embroider or applique you can get creative with some fabric paints.

“Nobody cares about your tote bag Lisa. People read your blog to see pictures of me. Isn’t that right, Morgan?”
So, fun. So simple because martini glasses are very easy to draw. Now you know why many of my freehand projects feature martini glasses!


Useful too. Blitzkrieg is a very well behaved dog when we are out in public (otherwise I wouldn’t take him out in public.) I like having treats around in case I need to reward him for extra good behavior or to do a trick for a cute kid. The new front pocket offers easy access to doggie behavior control devices, AKA treats.


I used more plain black fabric to make a second pocket inside the tote bag. Now I have a pocket for my phone, camera, and in theory my car keys. However, according to The Law of Purse car keys are always found in the deepest darkest recesses of any bag or purse no matter how big or how small. Keys don’t like to stay in a small key pocket. Why?

I gave the revamped martini tote a test run at the Asian festival. Blitzkrieg’s water bottle fit into the outside mesh pocket, treats road nicely in the new exterior pocket, camera and phone tucked into the new interior pocket which left room for my big KOR one water bottle, some amazing Japanese green tea cookies we bought, and even my Asian parasol in the main tote compartment with room to spare!
I’m going to carry this bag often now that it went from pretty good free tote to kicky cute hardworking Dog Mommy Bag.

Thanks for the idea Queenie!

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