Condo Blues: Why Using Cheap Paint Doesn't Save Money

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why Using Cheap Paint Doesn't Save Money

Until I found the perfect set of porch chairs I decided to repaint and revamp a couple of doctor’s office chairs that Husband had from his bachelor days.

Since I hated these chairs with a fiery vengeance and thought they would be better served as firewood, I didn’t want to invest a lot of time or money into their makeover. I bought a couple of cans of cheap spray paint from Dollar General and got to work.

The chairs didn’t look so hateful. After surviving Hurricane Ike, not finding anything the right scale that I liked, and the price being right (free) I decided they could stay.

That sealed my fate. *Enter the Condo Blues whammy.*

After two winters of this…


I now understand why it ticks off The Home Improvement Gods when you use cheap paint and clearance apparel fabric for outdoor upholstery.

You get this.


And this.


As my next door neighbor so wisely said to me, “The dollar store is good for many things. Paint is not one of them.”

Have you ever had a cheap fix end up biting you in the wallet?

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