Condo Blues: Porch Chair Revamp Take 2

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Porch Chair Revamp Take 2

I cheaped out on paint and fabric when I revamped the freebie chairs on my front porch. Well, even after living under a covered porch, the weather did a number on them and they looked like this a short time later.


 This revamp to the second power has been on my Do It Yourself Honey List for awhile. I better do it now before the weather turns too cold to paint outside.


 I scored a remnant of outdoor fabric at Old Time Pottery for the chair redo. I learned my lesson about using apparel weight fabric for outdoor projects.


As for paint, I found a pint of white outdoor paint the builder left for us. Environmentally friendly practice because I’m using what I already have and the price is right. Might be a nice change from the peeling green
paint. Let’s use that.


If you open a can of paint and it looks like cottage cheese you might not want to use it. Just sayin’

Maybe not.

Plan B: I used the hunter green paint I had leftover from painting the front door. That worked well. Until I knocked over the paint can. No more green paint. D’oh!

 Plan C: Buy a can of good outdoor paint at the Habitat Restore. That way I can get a good paint for cheap (all of local paint and home improvement stores regularly donate new cans of oops paint to our Restore), help out a charity, and keep stuff out of the landfill. High fives all around. I looked at the clock. The Restore was closed. Ack!

 Plan D: Go to Lowes and buy a new can of paint. Fortunately the Home Improvement Gods decided to smile upon me after smacking me with repeated Condo Blues whammies. I found a gallon of extreme high end outdoor paint on the Oops Table that’s so close to the color I spilled it’s scary. A gallon was much more paint than I need but it was cheaper than the can of medium grade outdoor paint I planned to buy.


Did I mention it was five dollars?


A couple of coats of paint, a bit of staple gun upholstery, and now I have a set of chairs on my porch that I won’t be ashamed to show off to the neighborhood moms when that small army of Trick or Treaters visits The Condo in a few weeks.


 Yay me! Did you enjoy this post?

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