Condo Blues: Sparkly Glam Recycled Outdoor Christmas Décor

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sparkly Glam Recycled Outdoor Christmas Décor

I wanted to do something a little different to shake up my outdoor Christmas decorations this year. I’m leaning towards glitzy glam, because I’m still pining for those shiny silver and red trees I didn’t buy at the Restore. I want to keep it environmentally friendly too. Difficult because sparkly wow! isn’t generally associated with environmentally friendly. Environmentally friendly usually means country burlap. Not what’ I’m looking for this year.

After a little rooting around in the outdoor Christmas décor box, found these sparkly dood-dads. They came as part of a Christmas decoration that a cousin made and gave me that didn’t quite make it to my house in one piece during shipping so I never used it. They will do just nicely on the swoopy parts of the garland on my porch.


The red and white coordinates with the Danish flag I fly (it is a Danish tradition to fly and decorate with the national flag at Christmas.) Red and white Danish Christmas color scheme? I can work with that. It’s a nice departure from the purple and gold, the blue and silver, and the subtle red, white, and blue of years and homes past.

Now for the front door. That’s tough because I painted my front door hunter green and evergreen wreaths melt into the color.

I hit the stores with husband in tow (I suspect he must have been bored because he’d rather chew his own foot off to escape being caught in a bear trap than shop) to find a green nongreeen wreath. After rejecting the few (as in 2) wreaths we found he said, “So what are you really looking for?”

“Something Glam! Glitzy! Sparkly! Wow!” I counter.

*blank stare*

I don’t understand why he didn’t get what I was saying because I did Glee-like jazz hands and everything.

Exasperated I cry,” Drag queens honey! Drag queens!”

“Well, why didn’t you say so in first place?!”

Then he says,” Aren’t they more New Year’s Eve than Christmas?”

I love that he gets me.

We were ready to give up until…


It still needed a little something so I picked up a cloth glitter pick (is glitter eco friendly? I’m not sure. I’m late to the loving glitter party) and hot glued it on my feather wreath like a big ol’ Joan Crawford broach.

No wire hangers here!

Add a new string of LED lights along the front of the porch (thanks Rob!), the old battery operated sensor candle lights in the windows (more Danish tradition) framed out with last year’s woven Danish Christmas hearts and junk mail snowflakes and you got yourself some festive and recycled Glam Glitzy Sparkly Wow outdoor Christmas décor. Even though most of it is red, it’s pretty green too.

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