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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Easy Personalized Appliqué Dog Towel

While rooting though the clearance section at Bed, Bath, and Beyond I came across an orphan bamboo towel for super cheap. Not so good for my original purpose - new towels for my bathroom, (so Santa if you aren’t too busy, a little help in that area would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!) but that eco-towel was the perfect thing to turn into a personalized dog towel for Blitzkrieg’s dog cousin Chopper, as a Christmas gift. Before any gifting could happen that towel needed a little spiff up so the little dude knew that it was his to chew on.

This is Chopper. His hobbies are chewing things, laying on the heat vent, and chewing things.

This is a quicker variation of how I made a traditional appliqué dog blanket because I used a piece of felt for the appliqué. Using scrap felt or fleece is ideal for a rounded appliqué shape because fabric doesn’t fray. You don’t have to worry about tucking in the edges to keep the fabric from fraying while trying to maintain rounded edges. Using felt/fleece makes this an easy beginning appliqué/embroidery/sewing project and a good older kid project.

Here's hoping Chopper doesn't read blogs or it could spoil his Christmas surprise

How to Make an Appliqué Dog Towel

You will need:

1 towel
Straight pins
Paper (if you can print on the backside of some scrap paper that would be awesome)
Sewing needle/sewing machine
Sewing thread to match the color of the towel
Small rectangle of felt/fleece (I used scrap felt from my stash)
Embroidery thread

1. Create a bone shape using a graphics program like Photoshop or you can enlarge and print out the pattern I created below.


2. Pin the bone shape to your fleece/felt.

3. Cut out the appliqué with the scissors.

4. If desired, use a running stitch and embroidery thread to embroider the name of the lucky dog onto the  appliqué.

5. Pin the appliqué to the towel.

6. Hand sew or machine sew the appliqué to the towel.

7. Remove the pins.

8. Wipe down your dirty dog with their new personalized towel!

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René said...

This is a great idea! My co-editor would love that. By the way, she checks my spelling too and that might explain the typos. Blame it on the dog ;).

Kristin - The Goat said...

Does Chopper like to chew on things? I kinda get that feeling! Nice looking towel and I would totally use recycled paper. Good idea. :)

sydneychopper said...

aw thats so cute! my last name is Chopper

sydneychopper said...

aw thats so cute! my last name is Chopper

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