Condo Blues: Repurposed Dog Bowl Wall Art

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Repurposed Dog Bowl Wall Art

After I painted the kitchen, I started putting artwork back on the walls for my family’s enjoyment. One family member didn’t have anything to look at when he was eating his dinner.

What about me? *Sigh*

I decided to make Blitzkrieg some doggie wall art.

I bought a picture frame at Goodwill.

I sanded it and painted it with red craft paint. I bought an oval mat at the dollar store and painted it with some leftover wall paint (Twisted Knot) so the mat would stand out from the white background of the object I wanted to frame. I put a piece of leftover scrapbook paper behind my object for for a little interest too.

My frame didn’t have a wall hanger so I used two Picture Hanging Strips. I had these leftover from hanging framed posters in my laundry room. The package said to use one hanging strip on small photos but I used two as overkill because Blitzkrieg can be an exuberant eater. I didn’t want him to accidentally knock the photo off the wall while he was digging into a meal. The hanging strips themselves aren't a green product but using what you already have on hand is so I got it halfway right. Besides I like the way these little Velcro hanging strips work.

Woof wall art!

I hung the photo above the raised dog feeder I made Blitzkrieg from a shadow box picture frame and napkin ring holders.

Or should I call it wall ARfT?

I like the framed sticker. It looks purposeful which makes it look more whimsical. Or crazy. What do you think?

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