Condo Blues: Sew an Insulated Casserole Carrier

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sew an Insulated Casserole Carrier

Lucky me got an insulated round casserole caddy with hot and cold packs for a wedding present. I don’t make a lot of casseroles but the thing is fan-tabulous for taking food to work potlucks, family gatherings, and all around food toting around goodness.

I wish I had a caddy for my rectangular covered Pyrex dish. I use that thing to store and tote cupcakes, and like here there and everywhere. A carrier would make toting my cookies easier.

Pin this tutorial for later, it makes a great gift!

All of the insulated carriers I saw in stores came with a new dish and hot packs. I don’t need a new dish and hot packs. I only want the carrier.

If I can’t buy, I’ll DIY!

I made an insulated casserole caddy using a set of old towels. You can buy insulating batting from a fabric store if you don’t have an old towel. The towel route is cheaper and very reduce, reuse, recycle.

My mom gave me some star fabric she found while doing a clean out at one of her ladies’ clubs. The ladies were going to toss it. Mom said I could do something clever with it and gave it to me.

No pressure.

Mom, I think I did something clever with the fabric.

Or not.

You be the judge.

With Memorial Day and summer (please come back to stay warm summer weather!) and picnics and 4th of July I ran with the whole Americana stars, red, white, and blue theme.

 All ready for holiday picnics and fireworks!

Sadly, Husband wouldn't let me make an insulated casserole caddy that shoots fireworks. Maybe I’ll try that with Insulated Casserole Caddy 2: Cupcake's Revenge.

I want my caddy to fit both my Pyrex and my Anchor Hocking covered dishes that are slightly different sizes. I made a newspaper mock up and tried it on both dishes.

Pattern time!

After a few tweaks, I used my newspaper pattern to cut two rectangles of pretty star fabric for the outside of the carrier, navy blue cotton fabric from my stash for the inside of the carrier, and old bath towel for the middle insulating layer of the carrier.

I can’t do this without you. I don’t have thumbs!

I sewed the three layers of fabric right sides together. Next, I turned it right side out via the gap I left in the stitches. Then, I top stitched around the edge of each fabric rectangle to close the gap, keep the layers from shifting, and make everything look professional.

 Use the gap in the seam to turn the fabric right side out.
I pinned the two rectangles together and sewed them together.

Stitch, stitch, stitch!

I cut and sewed handles from more blue fabric. I sewed the handles to the bottom of the caddy.

 Handles - Bam!

I used buttons from my grandma’s button box and ribbon to hold the layers closed. This way I can use the caddy to carry different size dishes.

 I bet you could fill the dish with hot dogs if you wanted to...

A bit of red rick rack makes it snazzy for Memorial Day and the 4th of July!

 Rick rick, button, and ribbon tie - Bam!

If you don’t have a hot or cold pack for your carrier, you can make my rice bag hot pack and use that to keep your cookies warm.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the kicker? After I made my insulated casserole carrier and broke the bobbin plate on my sewing machine to do it, I found insulated casserole carriers for sale on Amazon.

Where were you when I needed you most?

I think mine is cuter though, broken sewing machine and all.

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Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

This is so adorable! I love the fabric, ric rack and buttons. TFS!! Stopping by from Made By You Monday.

This is what I shared today:

Mimi said...

Oh wow! Love what you have made and so happy you shared it at Making the World Cuter! Your tutorial is so thorough and easy to understand. Great job here! Love the stars and red ric rac! :)

Robj98168 said...

My mom pays big bucks for things like this. You should go into bidness.

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Rob - I might. I wonder how I can recoup the cost of broken sewing machines into the price? Old Bessie's persnickety about sewing thick fabrics lately.

Unknown said...

That is super creative! Wish I had the skills to sew!

BluBabesCreate said...

thanks for the compliment!

AsylumTanya said...

Your carrier looks great! I love how you made it adjustable to allow for different sized dishes! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

too super cool! I can sew now and need to make this!

Thanks for Making and Sharing at Make & Share.

Kitty Deschanel said...

Your dog cracks me up! Yes, he'll definitely need some help with this :)

If you get a chance tonight, I'd love for you to link this up to my Not "Baaad" blog hop. There's a weekly award for the best post!

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